Week of January 16-20

Dear Families,

Happy New Year to all!  Last week was such a hectic week for me having to be at an in-service 3 days.  I hope you had a great holiday break.

This month is a busy month for it is the end of the second card marking.  I will be doing many assessments during this time for report cards.  If your child is struggling in any area I will be sending home extra practice items for them to work on at home at the end of the month.  Please be sure to return your child’s reading bag so that I may put new books to practice their reading at home.  During assessment time there will not be many new books coming home.  Please continue reading the books in the bag.

Spelling will begin 3rd card marking.  Information will be sent home about Kindergarten spelling soon.  There will be weekly tests.

What you need to know this week:

Letter V – please send in pictures for our letter V circle map on Wednesday.

Daily 5/Reading Instruction: introduction to new rainbow word games, letter V activities, syllable counting

Writing: opinion writing/favorite food

Math: flat shapes and 3D shapes, counting from a number other than 1, meet the calculator, weaving a pattern

Social Studies: Who Am I?/my family/my neighborhood

Thank You:

Thank you Mrs. Worley for planning an awesome holiday party.  The kids had a great time!  Thank you to all parent and grandparent helpers who helped volunteer at the party.  Thank you to all families for providing all the needed supplies and food for the party.  The children and I appreciate everybody’s effort in making the party so successful!

The children and I thank all families for being so generous with our wants and needs projects.  With your help and generosity we now have many useful items for our classroom.

Thank you to all families for the thinking of me during the holidays with such thoughtful gifts.  Your kindness and generosity was greatly appreciated.


January book orders are due this Friday.

If your child has not completed his/her timeline, please send it in this week.  The timeline is a graded assignment.

We are at that point in the year when the children need to bring in more glue sticks.  Please send in 6-8 sticks with your child by next Monday.  We use glue on a daily basis.  Thank you for your help in this matter.

Have a great week!






Wednesday, January 11

Dear Families,

I will be attending an in-service tomorrow morning at Stout.  This is a continuation from yesterday’s in-service that I attended all day.  I will be returning after lunch.  I will also be out for the same in-service on Friday.  Mrs. Flynn will be subbing for me.



A few more reminders:

My class is scheduled to go tomorrow at 2:00 for the Santa Holiday Shop.  If your child will be purchasing gifts please be sure to send the money in tomorrow.

December homework calendars are due on Thursday.

Your child’s book bag came home on Friday.  Please be sure to read the book/books with your child daily and return the bag with the books the next school day.

Have a great day!


Week of December 19

What You Need to Know This Week:

Student Lighthouse Team is having a winter spirit week this week.  All children are encouraged to participate.  A daily donation of $1.00 will allow children to participate in each day’s theme.  Please be sure to place $1.00 daily in an envelope or baggie with your child’s name on it and label it spirit week donation.  Below is the theme for each day.

Monday – Candy Cane Day – wear red, white, and blue

Tuesday – Wacky Tacky Day – wear an ugly holiday sweater

Wednesday – Winter Wonderland Day – wear white and/or snowflakes

Thursday – Winter Hat Day

Friday – Pajama Day

All donations will be used toward Leader in Me projects around the school.


Late start on Wednesday.  Arrival time is 9:30 a.m.

Our classroom Holiday Party is Thursday afternoon. Please be sure to send in party items from the Sign-Up- Genius.

Winter Break begins after school on Friday.  School will resume on Monday, January 9.


Thank You!

Thank you to all parents for helping your children with their Trade 10 Projects!  Every child had created great items.  They had a fun time trading with each other.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Holiday Season and a great New Year!!


Week of December 12

Dear Families,

What You Need to Know This Week:

Monday is a snow day!

Please send the Trade 10 Projects in tomorrow.

Need and want items are due Friday. Please be sure to wrap both items in gift wrap.

Letter L pictures are due Wednesday.


What We Are Learning:

Daily 5: Letter of the week is L, retelling a story, story elements, rainbow words, beginning sounds, problem/solution in a story

Writing: Needs and Wants, opinions

Math: teen numbers, comparing numbers

Science: motion, push/pulls

Social Studies: needs and want, goods and services, trade


Our Holiday Party is next Thursday, December 22.  Please be sure to sign up for needed supplies on the Sign Up Genius.  Please send in items for our craft projects by the 19th so there is time to prep the materials.  If volunteering, be sure to complete the I-chat form in the office.  This needs to be done asap.

Reading books will be coming home prior to the break. I am in the process of getting book bags ready for home.  Book bags need to be returned daily for classroom reading instruction.

Please be sure to send in proper winter attire for your child.  Boots and snowpants must be worn for recess.  Children need to have hats and gloves too!  Warm coats are a must!  Many students have been wearing sweatshirts or light jackets.

Have a great week!




I-Chat Forms

Dear Families,

Please be sure to complete an I-Chat form to volunteer in the school.  This is a background check form that needs to be filled out in the office.  It does take 2 weeks to process.  Once approved the form is valid for one year.

Thank you!


Week of December 5

Dear Families,

What You Need to Know This Week:

We are starting our “Leader of the Week” this week.  Brooklyn is our “leader” this week.   Each child will get a turn to be the “leader of the week”.  During their assigned week they will have special jobs and have the opportunity to share information about themselves.  When it is your child’s turn to be the “leader of the week” a note will come home explaining in more detail.

We will be starting to visit the computer lab this month.  If you prefer your child to have his/her own headphones, you are welcome to send a pair in.  Be sure to write your child’s name on them and place them in a Ziploc baggie.

We are in need of a parent volunteer to wash and dry out 20 small milk cartons for one of our holiday party activities.  Please let me know if anyone is interested.

We will be completing activities about needs and wants this week.  We are in need of magazines, store ad booklets, grocery store fliers, etc. to complete the activities.  If you have any to share with us, please send them our way.

Letter K pictures are needed for Wednesday’s letter of the week activity.

Many students forgot to send in a push or pull toy from home for a science activity on Friday.  They may still send in a toy.  We will be completing the activity on Tuesday.

We are no longer having rest time.  No need to send in blankets.

I have posted the Sign Up Genius for our classroom Holiday Party.  Please be sure to sign up for item/items.


Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Trade Ten Project items are due next Monday, Dec. 12.  Please be sure to complete this activity with your child.  I do not want any child to be left out of the activity because they do not have any items to trade.

Needs and Wants Project items are due Friday, Dec. 16.

Holiday Party is Thursday December 22.



Please remember to send in your child’s library book on Fridays.  Many students have not returned books and cannot not check out new books.


Have a great week!



What You Need to Know

Dear Families,

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break.  It is hard to believe that December is already here!

We welcomed a new student to our class this morning.  His name is Christian.  We are very excited to have him in our class.  We now have 18 students.

Tomorrow we will be starting our science unit on pushes and pulls.  Please send in a toy or toys from home that demonstrate a push, pull, or both for Friday.  Be sure toys fit in backpacks, nothing larger.

December book orders are due Friday, Dec. 2.  There are many great books to choose from and will make great presents.

The items for our Trade 10 Project are due December 12.

Our Holiday party will be on Thursday, Dec. 22.  More information will follow soon.

Have a great evening!