Dear Families,

Here is what you need to know for this week in our Kindergarten class.

Report cards will be coming home this week.  The children are progressing.  Please continue to practice letter sounds and rainbow words at home.  This will help tremendously with writing.  Many of the children are not sure of themselves when writing because they still need practice with their sounds.  Practice writing at home daily with your child.  Help them write simple sentences.  Encourage them to sound out the words and write the sounds they hear.  For example, if they write “I like oranges.”  Have them write the sounds they hear in oranges.  Have your child write the beginning, middle, and end sound.  If they write” ornjs ”  that is great!

All children will be taking a writing assessment this week.  This is a district assessment.

Letter of the week: W

Monday – We have gym and music today.  Please remember to send in your child’s tennis shoes.

Tuesday – We have music today.

Wednesday – We have gym and Book Buddies.  Please remember to send tennis shoes.

Thursday – We have science enrichment.

Friday – We have art.  January book orders are due today.  January homework calendars are due today.  Popcorn sale.

This past month has been tough with many students not listening and following directions.  It seems that many  have forgotten the rules after the Holiday break.   Our PBIS reward celebration is this Friday.   Children need to have 13 days on green or higher to earn the celebration.  Please remind your child the importance of listening and following directions.  Tattle tailing has also become a problem.  I am  reviewing rules in the classroom daily.

Upcoming dates/activities:

We will be celebrating our 100th day of school soon.  Children will need to bring in a collection of 100 items.  Collections can be pennies, Legos, buttons, bottle caps, to name a few.   Be creative!  Collections must fit into a gallon size ziploc bag.  Remember to count out the collection with your child in sets of 10 as you work on this project.  Collections are due on or before February 6th.  A note will be coming home this week.

Valentine’s Day is almost here.  We refer to it as “Friendship Day” in my class.  Children may bring in Valentine cards to pass out, but will need to be sure they have a card for each child.  We have 22 children in our class.  I ask that your child only signs their own name on the cards.  Do not write individual names on the cards.  As you can imagine this is a daunting task with 22 children if they have to read 22 individual names.

Have a great week!


There is a half day of school tomorrow.  Dismissal is at 11:45.  No school on Friday.

Dear Families,

I will be completing assessments for report card grades this week and next week with the children.  I am sending home book bags with leveled readers.  All children were tested prior to winter break.  The books in their bags reflect the level they are at presently.  I have not read these books yet with your child.  I will be working with your child and their books beginning the week of January 26.  Reading logs will be sent home at that time.  For now, please read the books with your child.  Encourage them to read the books out loud to you.  If you can, read daily.  All book bags are due back on Monday, January 26.

If you came to the Kindergarten testing last spring, your child received a velcro book bag with a handle.  These bags are to be returned to school.  We use the bags for our books to go back and forth from home and school.  Please send the bags in as soon as possible.  Several children have returned their bags back in September.

Thank you for your cooperation and happy reading!!


I will not be here in the afternoon tomorrow.  Also I will be out the morning of the 20th to attend a math meeting.  I will be back in the afternoon.



Dear Families,

Happy 2015 to all!  I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Holiday.  I want to thank all families for participating in our “needs and wants” project during the month of December.  The children and I appreciate your generosity in purchasing much needed and wanted supplies for our classroom.  This week we will be organizing the items to use in the classroom.

It is that time of the year for each child to replenish some of their supplies.  Each child is in need of the following supplies: a box of 24 crayons, a box of washable markers, a dry erase marker, and 4 large glue sticks.  Please be sure to write your child’s name on all of their supplies.  Supplies need to be sent in by Monday, January 12.

If  your child has not turned in their timeline assignment which was sent home the last week prior to break, please send in on or before Friday.

This Friday, January 9, is the Kindergarten Popcorn Sale.  I apologize for the late notice, but I just realized that it is this week.  We need at least 2 parents who are available to come in at drop off  to pop, bag, and deliver popcorn to the classrooms.  This sale is for our Kindergarten classrooms.  Please let me know if anyone is available to help on Friday.

I will be attending a Science in-service tomorrow at Long School.  Mrs. Chavis will be subbing in the morning for me.  I will be back after lunch.

Upcoming dates:

January 14 – Late Start/arrival is at 9:35 a.m.

January 19 – No School – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 22 – 1/2 day dismissal at 11:45

January 23 – No School for students – teacher professional development day

January is a busy month in Kindergarten.  It is the end of the second card marking, children will start bringing home leveled reading books, spelling and spelling tests will begin.  Leveled books will start to come home next week.  I will keep you posted on the start of spelling.   Please continue working on the rainbow words with your child.

Thank you,


Dear Families,

Friday we will be celebrating our best behavior for the month of December.  The students need 11 out of 14 days on green or higher to participate in this celebration.  We would like to serve hot chocolate and cookies for the celebration.  We are in need of a canister of hot cocoa mix,  a large bag of marshmallows, and 2 packages of Oreo cookies.  Please let me know if anyone is able to send in these items for Friday.

Friday will be a Pajama Day.  All Kindergarten children are invited to wear pajamas to school.

It is that time of year again when students need to replenish some needed school supplies for their tool boxes.  Please send in the following supplies with your child the week of January 5: box of 24 crayons, a box of markers, a dry erase marker, and 4 large glue sticks.  Please write your child’s names on their supplies.

The children will be bringing home a special gift they made for parents.  It is fragile.


Thank you!


Dear Families,

We have a busy week ahead of us.  Just a few reminders.

1.  All need and want items for our classroom gift exchange are due tomorrow.  Please be sure to wrap the items and to put your child’s name on the outside so we know who gave the gift for our classroom.

2.  We will be attending the Holiday gift shop on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.  Envelopes were sent home last week.

3.  December homework calendars are due on Thursday.

4.  Our Holiday party is Thursday at 2:00 p.m.  We still are in need of a few items for the party.  The items are posted on the Sign Up Genius.

5.  Our PBIS celebration will be on Friday.

6.  Winter break begins at the end of the day on Friday.  School resumes on

January  5.


Have a wonderful Holiday !



The popcorn sale is cancelled for tomorrow.

Calling all Bakers!

I am in need of a parent who enjoys baking.  Next Tuesday, December 16,  the Gingerbread Man is going to make a surprise visit to our classroom.  We will be going on a Gingerbread Man hunt to find him.   I am in need of 24 gingerbread man shaped cookies for this activity.  The cookies do not need frosting.  The children will be frosting the cookies and decorating them.

Please let me know if anyone is available to bake the cookies.  I will supply the frosting and candy for decorating.

Thank you,


Reminder:  Next Wednesday, Dec. 17, my class is scheduled for the Holiday gift shop that will be coming to our school.  We will be going at 9:00 a.m.  If any parents are available to help the children while they shop, please let me know.  Two-three parent helpers would be great!  We should be done around 10:00-10:15.

Dear Families,

Our Holiday party is next Thursday, Dec. 18.  I have created a sign up genius for the items needed for the party.  If you have not received the sign up genius, please let me know so I can add your email to the list.