Week Of September 14

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Dear Families,

We completed our first full week of school.  The children have been very busy learning our daily routine.  The morning routine of coming into the classroom, putting their belongings away, making a lunch choice, and completing morning work is on track.  This week I will be focusing on our literacy routine.  Our literacy block is 90 minutes daily.  For this week we will be learning how to choose a book that is a “good fit book” for our book boxes.  The children will receive 3 leveled reading books for their book boxes.  The books will consist of the following genres: non-fiction, fantasy, realistic fantasy.  Books will be changed throughout the year as your child continues to advance in their reading levels.  I will also be introducing the children to the first component of our literacy program which is “The Daily 5″.  The first component is “Read to Self”.  The children will be learning to build stamina while reading a book quietly to themselves.  We learned the 3 ways to read a book last week which are: look at the pictures, read the words, and retell the story.

It is very important as we begin learning our “Daily 5″ routine that the children are listening and following directions.  Please review the importance of listening and following directions in school with your child.  Our literacy routine is very rigorous and the children are required to be very independent with their work and staying on task during this time.  We will be working very hard this first month of school learning this routine.  I will be very firm with the rules and with following them during this time.

We will be continuing with the letter F this week.  We were unable to complete all the activities last week.

Few Reminders: 

1. Please be sure to send in healthy snacks for snack time.  Some children are bringing in cookies, chips, chocolate candy bars, etc.  These items are not healthy snacks for the classroom.  Keep snack items separate from your child’s lunch food.  The children are too confused knowing the difference.

2. Please place your child’s milk money or lunch money in an envelope or baggie with name and lunch choice on it.  If buying milk only, please write your child’s name on the baggie and label “milk money”.  Please put the baggie/envelope in your child’s folder.

3. Please send in family photos in a frame to put in the classroom.

4.  Each child needs a clipboard for class.  If you have not sent one in please do so as soon as possible.

5. Please be sure to send in 3 picture books from home for your child’s book box so he/she will have a variety of books in their boxes.  Write your child’s name on the books.

Upcoming Events:

1.  Book Fair begins this week.  My class will be going on Wednesday.  Flyers were sent home last week in your child’s folder.

2.  Open House is Thursday, September 18/ 5:00-6:30 p.m.

Have a great week!


Fruit Loops

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Dear Families,

Mrs. Dixon was the first to respond about the fruit loops.  Thank you all for offering.  I will be creating a sign up genius account for my classroom and parents will be able to sign up for various snacks for each week that coincides with the letter of the week.  I will be creating the sign up genius account this week.  You will receive an email once the account is set up.

Thank you for your support!


Week of Sept. 7

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Dear Families,

We had a very hot first week of school!  I am sure the children came home exhausted from the heat and learning our daily routine.  We are still in the process of learning our routine.  We will be working on it for several weeks.

This week we will be starting our literacy block and during that time we will also start our “letter of the week routine”.  We are beginning with the letter F.  Children will be learning a song/poem, creating a circle map and t-chart with pictures/words that begin with the letter F, making the letter F with play dough, and learning to write the letter.  At the end of the week we will be celebrating with a snack that begins with “F”.  I need a parent volunteer to donate a box of Fruit Loops.  Please let me know if anyone is able to do so.

We will be starting our PBIS behavior clip system this week.  All children will start on green daily and have opportunities to move their clips up when spotted going over and beyond expected behaviors.  Children will be moving clips down for unacceptable behaviors.  They will have the opportunity to move clips back up as long as their behavior has improved.

Key to the PBIS chart color code:

green – “Ready to Learn”  All children start here daily

yellow  – good day

orange – great job

red – outstanding

blue -think about it/warning

purple – Teacher’s choice/a time out from recess or center time

pink – parent contact/ a note will be sent home and needs to be signed and returned to school the next day/phone calls may also be made to the parents

Your child will be receiving a calendar that I will place in the back outside pocket of his/her blue folder.  The calendar is on green paper.  If your child moves his/her clip they will record it on the calendar by coloring in the square to match the color that their clip was on.  If your child stays on green, the day will not be colored in since the calendar is on green paper.  I am asking parents to check the calendars daily and to sign each day so I know you are aware of your child’s daily behavior.  Children need to remain on green or higher 80% of the time each month.  This number is calculated by the number of schools days in a given month.  Those children who do not remain on green or higher 80% of the time will not earn the PBIS monthly reward which is at the end of each month.  The calendar offers a visual for the child and parents so they can keep track of daily behaviors and help correct any problems in order to have green days.

Your child will be bringing home a copy of our weekly specials classes.  Please keep in a visible spot so you know when your child goes to gym, library, music, art, and science enrichment.

I will be sending home a few “get to know you” activities this week for you and your child to complete and return to school by Friday.

We are in need of regular size cans of Play Dough.  It was one of the items on the Kindergarten list sent home on the first day of school.  Each child needs a can for their literacy box to complete word work activities.

Please be sure to send healthy snacks for your child.  Some children have been bringing candy bars and cookies.

Each child needs to have a set of extra clothes to keep at school.

Book orders are due this Friday, September 10.

All emergency forms must be turned in on Monday.

Thank you and have a great weekend!


Emergency Cards

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Dear Families,

Please be sure to complete the emergency card information that was handed out at the first meeting from the office.  It is a light yellow form.  Also free and reduced lunch forms need to be returned.  If you did not receive either form, please let me know.

Thank you,


MyOn Note

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Dear Families,

A pink note is in your child’s folder regarding the 2014 MyON Summer Reading Challenge.  I received the notes just prior to dismissal and was filling them out quickly before the bell rang.  For some of the passwords which is your child’s birth dates I forgot to add the zero before the month and day.  When you go to log on be sure to type in the birth date with the zeros i.e., if your child’s birth date is May 3, 2008 the password would be 05032008.  I apologize for that as I was rushing to be sure the notes went home today.  Any questions, please see me.

We are all set on booster seats.  Be sure your child brings one if you are not chaperoning.


If it should rain tomorrow our field trip is still a go.  Most of it is in a barn and we will be inside.  As for the picnic, we will eat in the classroom and then go to the gym at 12:50 to play the games.  Keep our fingers crossed for a nice day!

Have a great night.


Field Trip

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Dear Families,

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 11, is our field trip to Heritage Park Farm in Taylor.  Please be sure to send your child’s booster seat with them for the field trip.  All student’s must have one to travel by car.  If anyone has an extra booster seat we could borrow, please let me know.

All parent chaperones/drivers please meet in my classroom at 9:10 a.m. after checking in with the office.  Be sure all proper driving paperwork is into the office by tomorrow morning.  All parent drivers/chaperones need to have an I-Chat form completed and on file.   This is the background check.  Updated vehicle registration, auto insurance policy, and valid driver’s license.

Our picnic celebration will follow the field trip at noon.

Thank you!


Week of June 9

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Dear Families,

It is hard to believe that this is the last week of school.  What a wonderful year!  I am truly going to miss your children.  It was a pleasure having all of them in my class.

The children made Father’s Day gifts which will be coming home today.

They will be bringing home their personal books from their book boxes tomorrow.

Wednesday is our field trip and class picnic.  Parent drivers please be sure to bring your license, vehicle registration, and auto insurance to the office before the field trip.  It would be wise to bring the paperwork prior to Wednesday.   You will meet in my classroom at 9:10 a.m.  Be sure your child wears comfortable clothes and shoes.

If we should have rain Wednesday afternoon for the picnic, we will have the food inside the hallway and have a picnic lunch in the classroom.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a beautiful day!

Thursday dismissal is at 11:45 p.m.  Please be sure to let me know by tomorrow if  your child will not be coming on Thursday, so I can be sure they receive all of their belongings.

Any questions, please contact me.

Have a wonderful summer!!



Field Day

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Tomorrow is Tye dye day for our end of the year count down.

Thursday is “Field Day”.  The end of the year count down states to wear your favorite team jersey.  Mrs. Muston and I are requesting that the children all wear an orange shirt so we can easily spot them during field day festivities.  We encourage the kids to wear their favorite team hat in place of a team jersey.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Week of June 2

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Dear Families,

As we are starting to wind down the school year the children will be bringing items home with them.  Each day I will be sending items home so they will not be over loaded with everything at one time.  This week we are wrapping up our month long sunflower observation project.  The students planted sunflower seeds 4 weeks ago and we are observing the changes we see each week and recording our findings.  The children will be bringing home their sunflower plants by Thursday or Friday.  Please help them plant the sunflower plants in your garden so they may continue to watch them grow.

Library books must be returned ASAP, as well as, the leveled reading books in your child’s book bag.  Your child will not receive his/her report card if these items are not returned.  This is school policy.

Science Fair projects will be on display  after school tomorrow from 3:40-4:40 p.m.

Crazy socks and shoes day tomorrow.

Field Day is Thursday, June 5.  Kdg-2 grade will have field day in the morning.

Have a great week!