Week of October 24

What You Need to Know For This Week:

Please send in a magazine Tuesday’s math activity.

We will be welcoming a new student to our class on Tuesday.  Our class numbers will be 6 girls and 13 boys.

Our Fall Classroom Celebration is Thursday.  Please sign up for an item/s on the signupgenius.  We are in need of supplies for the celebration.


I will not be in on Friday.  I will be attending a field trip with my son.  Mrs. Laurie Chavis will be subbing for me.

What We Will Be Learning This Week:

Letter of the week: B  Please bring a letter B picture to school on Wednesday.

Daily 5:

Letter B activities

Practice Word Work activities

Building stamina for Read to Self (We are working on 5-6 minutes this week.)

Working on Writing activities


We will be writing about fire safety.


Shapes and positional words


5 senses

Social Studies:

Getting along with others


On Monday, October 31, children are welcome to wear orange and black.  They may also wear a costume hat or hair piece if they would like.  No costumes or masks are allowed.  Your child is also welcome to bring in individually wrapped candy to pass out and a bucket or bag to collect candy.

Have a great week!





Week of October 17

Dear Families,

What you need to know for this week:

I will be posting a Signupgenius for our classroom “Fall Celebration” this week.  Our celebration will be Thursday, October 27.  Our homeroom parents have been busy planning for this event.  The Signupgenius will have all needed supplies listed, as well as, a volunteer sign up.  All non-edible supplies will be due by Monday, October 24.  All food items are due the day of the celebration (Oct. 27).

Thank you to all parents who donated for our apple taste test.  All items have been spoken for.  We had many offers by parents.  If you did not get to donate for this activity, no worries!  We will be needing many more items throughout the school year in which we will be reaching out for donations.

Please send in a letter P picture for Wednesday.

Please send in magazines by Friday for our math lesson with shapes.  The children will be working in small groups to create a shape collage by cutting out shapes from magazines.

Library check out is Friday.

What we will be learning:

Daily 5

Letter of the week: P

Introduction to Word work

Practice Work on Writing

Practice Read to Someone

Practice Read to Self

Beginning, middle, end of a story/retelling



number recognition

various ways to make numbers

shape collages


Continue 5 senses/apple product taste test

Social Studies:

Getting along with others



Leadership/What makes a good leader?

Have a great week!




Notice for AOL Email Accounts

Dear Parents,

If you are an AOL email user, please be aware that you may not receive email notifications due to AOL policies. We are working to resolve this issue with AOL.

Thank you for your patience while we work with AOL to make sure you get classroom notifications from your teacher.


Technology Department