Here is what you need to know for this week in Kindergarten.

Monday- Gym day.  Be sure to bring tennis shoes.  We also have music.   Favorite book cover drawings are due.  This was sent home last week.

Tuesday-  We have music class.

Wednesday- Gym day.  Be sure to bring tennis shoes.

Thursday- We have science enrichment.  We are celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  Your child is invited to dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character.

Friday- We have art class.  Please return library books, today is library check out day.  Popcorn sale.  Bags are $.25 each.


1.  Arrival/departure rules:  The outside doors cannot be opened prior to the bell ringing, even if the student safeties are present.  In the morning if you arrive after 8:40, you must check in at the office.  We cannot open the back door after 8:40 a.m.  These rules are in place for safety reasons.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

2.  Please be sure to send back your child’s reading bags on Mondays.  Many students have not been returning their bags.  I use these books in class with your child.  Books did not go home on Friday.  They will be coming home this week.

3.  Best behavior incentive for the month of March.  The class will be treated to a pizza party if everyone stays on green or higher for the month of March.  The children are up for the challenge.

Spelling words: -ig family words  Test will be on Friday.







What we are learning:

Literacy: Rhyming, Letter Z wrap up and begin letter C, text features, beginning, middle, end of a story.

Math: addition review, we will be working on subtraction toward the end of the week.

Writing: personal narratives and informational writing

Science: Earth materials

Social Studies: american symbols, neighborhoods

Have a great week!


I had one book order for this month.  I am extending the due date until Wednesday if anyone else would like to order books.

Spelling words (-et family) :







Thanks again for all the donations to make our 100 day celebration a huge success!  Thank you to all parent helpers for your help today!

Kim Stawara

Here is what you need to know for this week.

Monday: We are celebrating our 100th day of school.  Our entire day will be filled with activities focusing on 100.  We have gym and music today.  Be sure to bring tennis shoes for gym class.

Tuesday: We have music.

Wednesday: We have gym.

Thursday: We have science enrichment.

Friday: We have art class and library check out.

Thank you to all parents for sending in items for our Valentine’s Day party.  The party was a success.  Thank you for the kind Valentine cards and treats.  I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Have a great week!  Keep warm!

Kim Stawara


Dear Families,

The children took the winter NWEA math test today and all scored higher than their fall score.  As an incentive to do well on the test, I promised a pizza party if all students scored higher than their fall test score.  And guess what?  They achieved their goal of attaining a higher score.  So on Friday, February 13, I am treating the students to a pizza lunch.  I will be providing cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, and juice boxes.  If your child is not interested in pizza, be sure to send a lunch for them.

Once the computer system generates individual scores for each child on the NWEA test, I will send home a copy of your child’s score.  The goal for the winter term was to gain 8 points on both the reading and math tests for each child.

Kim Stawara

Reminder – Tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 11, is a late start.  School will begin at 9:35 a.m.

Here is what you need to know for this week:

Monday – 100 collections are due.  We have gym and music today.

Tuesday – We have music today.  Please bring in some rocks for show and tell today for our science lesson.

Wednesday – We have gym today.

Thursday – 100 stickers are due.  Items for our 100 Day Party and Valentine’s Day Party are due today.  The items are on the sign up genius.  We have science enrichment today.

Friday – Our Valentine’s Day party is today.  Wear red or pink if you would like.  Valentine cards and individual candies may be brought in to pass out if you choose to do so.  Peanut free items please!  Only have your child sign his/her name on the cards.  Do not fill out the “TO” on the cards.  Makes for much easier distributing of the cards.  We have 22 children in our class.  February book orders are due today.  If you buy $10.00 in books you may choose a free book (up to $5) by using coupon attached to the book order.  We have art today.  Spelling test today.


Letter of the Week: Y  We will continue with y this week due to last week’s snow days.

Spelling words:  -an family words







Mid-winter break: February 16-20  School resumes on Monday, Feb.23.  Enjoy!

Jasmine Fambro’s mom is looking to see if any parent lives on or near Lincoln Street that may be able to bring Jasmine home after school.  She is having transportation issues and is willing to pay gas money.   It is a long walk home for Jasmine during these cold winter days.  If any one is interested, please notify me and I will forward Mrs. Fambro’s phone number so she can be contacted.

Thank you for your help and support.  Have a great week!

Kim Stawara


Dear Families,

It appears that several families did not receive my post from last week.  It was dated January 25 about the 100 collections.  For our 100 celebration we are asking each child to bring a collection of 100 items such as pennies, paper clips, mini erasers, Lego bricks, pompoms, etc.  All creations must be in a Ziploc baggie no larger than than the gallon size bags with your child’s name on it.  Be creative!  There are many ideas on Pintrest.  While your child is gathering his/her collection be sure to have them count their items in sets of ten so they see and understand that there are 100 items in their baggies.


The spelling list for this week will be coming home on Monday.  Here is the list of words:







Dear Families,

Here is what you need to know for this week.

Letter : Y

Star of the Week: Courtney

Happy Birthday to Kiran

Monday – We have music and gym.  Please remember to send in gym shoes. Signed report card envelopes are due back.  You may keep the report card.

Tuesday – We have music today.

Wednesday – We have gym today.  Our class will be visiting the book fair at 9:45.  Parent helpers are welcome to assist us during this time.  If you are available to come at 9:40 for about an hour, I would greatly appreciate the help.  We also have an assembly with Brainstormers and I need a parent or two to watch the children while I attend a meeting.  This is one of the collaboration meetings we have every other month.  The one parent who was a regular for me is no longer able to come since she and her family moved.  The time is from 1:45 to 3:00 p.m. Please let me know if anyone is willing and able to come.

Thursday – We have science enrichment.

Friday – We have art class today.  There will be a popcorn sale.  Bags are $.25 each.  February book orders will be coming home today and are due on Friday, February 13.

I am extending the due date for the 100 collections to Monday, February 9.  All collections need to be in a Ziploc baggie no bigger than the gallon size.  As of right now our 100th day is Monday, February 23.  This is the day after mid-winter break.  Children may even create and wear a t-shirt with their 100 collections  attached instead of doing the baggie.  That is if you want to get really creative!  I saw some great ideas on Pintrest.  The children may even dress up as if they are 100 years old if they so choose.  We want this to be a super fun and exciting day!  Each child will need to bring 100 stickers for this celebration to make a special hat.  All stickers are due on or before, Thursday, February 12.

I am also posting 2 sign up geniuses for this celebration.  One is for parent volunteers since the party is broken up into 2 celebrations between the morning and the afternoon.  The second sign up is for the party items needed for the celebration.  Please be sure to sign up.  The needed supplies are due on or before, Thursday February 12.  We will need a lot of helping hands and items for this special day.  Please let me know if you are willing and able to prepare some of the activities at home for this celebration.  I will need all materials returned to me on or before Thursday, February 12, so I can prepare the classroom prior to midwinter break.

I will also be posting a sign up genius for our Friendship/Valentine Party.  Children may bring in Valentine cards to exchange.  Please only sign your child’s name on each card.  Do not fill out the “To” part.  This makes for much easier distribution.  I will need two parent helpers for this celebration.  We will be making ice cream sundaes.  The party will be on Friday, February 13 from 1:30 – 2:30.


Have a great week!

Kim Stawara