Report Cards

Report cards are in your child’s folder.  Be sure to sign and return the envelope to school.  The report card is for you to keep.

Have a nice evening.


Week of March 23

What you need to know this week in Kindergarten.

Monday – Gym and music class.  Be sure to wear gym shoes.

Tuesday – I will be attending a district math meeting today.  Mrs. Chavis will be subbing.  Music class this afternoon.

Wednesday – Gym class.  Wear tennis shoes.

Thursday – Science enrichment class.  Evening parent/teacher conferences.  I have already contacted those who I need to meet with.

Friday – Art class.  Remember to return your library books.  We have book check out this afternoon.  Popcorn sale.  March writing homework folders are due today.


Reminders and Updates

1.  We will begin to practice math facts on a website called this week.  The children will be practicing in the computer lab and in the classroom.  I will be sending home a note that has information to log-in at home for home practice.  I am asking that the children practice at home 2-3 times a week.

2. On the Dearborn Schools website under “student resources” there is a NWEA test practice for your child to use.  Please take advantage of this extra practice to help your child practice for the next test in May.  If anything, it is helpful with helping your child understand how to use the mouse and how to answer the questions with the mouse.  You would click on the K-2 practice section.

3. We will be having our Spring Party on Thursday, April 2.  The time is 2:00-3:15 p.m.  I will be creating a sign up genius for items needed, as well as, parent volunteers.   Parent volunteers will be needed at 1:30 p.m. to help set up for the party.  We will be having an egg hunt.  Each child is asked to bring in 12 PRE-FILLED eggs for the egg hunt and a basket or plastic bucket to collect their eggs for the egg hunt.  The eggs are due by Wednesday, April 1.

4.  Some children have been wearing cologne and perfume to school.  Due to allergies and asthma issues, please be sure your child does not wear cologne and perfume to school.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

5.  Please remember to send in a daily snack for your child.

Have a great week!


Parent Helpers Needed

This Wednesday, March 18 is a Collaboration Wednesday for teachers.  This is when teachers meet for a one hour meeting while the students are at an assembly.  I do not have anyone signed up for this assembly to watch over the kids.  The time is from 2:15-3:15 p.m.  Please let me know if anyone is available.

We also have another Collaboration Wednesday on April 22.  I will need a parent or two on that day as well.  The time would be 2:15-3:15 p.m.

Thank you,


Tuesday, March 17

The children are encouraged to wear green to school on Tuesday if they wish to do so.


Week of March 16

What you need to know for this week in Kindergarten.

Monday – Leprechaun traps are due.  This is an optional activity.  The family shamrock is due today.  This is not optional.  The children will present their shamrock to the class.  Both activities were sent home at the beginning of last week.  We have gym and music.

Tuesday – Music class.  Mrs. Chavis will be subbing in the afternoon for me.  I have an appointment to attend.

Wednesday – Gym class

Thursday – Science enrichment.  I will be giving the spelling test today.  I will not be in on Friday.  I am attending a field trip with my son.

Friday – Wear a button with words on it to school.  Popcorn sale today.  Art class.  Library check out.  Mrs. Chavis will be subbing for me.  March book orders are due.

I am assessing the children all week again.  I will be sending books in their book bags home for reading practice.  Due to the assessments I will not be able to introduce the new books to  your child.  Please be sure to read the books with your child.  Books will be due back Monday, March 23.  Continue practicing the rainbow words.  Students are expected to know all the words on the purple, blue, and green list by June.  Knowing the orange, yellow and red words is an extra bonus.

The note about MyOn was sent home on Friday.  This is an online library with over 8000 books for preschool through high school.  This is another great way to practice reading at home with your child.  The note explained the log-in process and and all the information needed to access the website.  Please read with your child everyday.  Happy Reading!!

Spelling Words – (the -un family words)







What we have been learning:

Reading/Daily 5: word families, reviewing question words (how, who, what, where, when), text features, retelling a story (beginning, middle, end of a story), punctuation marks.

Math: adding and subtracting, tens and ones

Social Studies: Neighborhoods/maps, American symbols

Science: Earth materials – rock, soil, water

Writing: Narratives

Have a great week!

Kim Stawara


Friday Reminders

Dear Families,

A few reminders.

I will not be in the classroom tomorrow morning.  I will be back after lunch.  Mrs. Chavis will be the sub.


Tomorrow is wear a hat with words day.  The class with the most participants wins a prize.

I will be giving the spelling test tomorrow.  Please be sure your child studies their words.

Have a great evening.


Week of March 9-14

What you need to know this week for Kindergarten.

Monday- gym and music

Tuesday – music

Wednesday – late start/9:35 arrival. Gym class.  Wear a shirt with the name of your favorite sports team on it.

Thursday – science enrichment

Friday – art class  Wear a hat with writing on it.  Book order forms coming home.  Orders are due on March 20.

Family Projects

I am sending home 2 family projects to complete with your child: A Leprechaun trap and a Family Shamrock.  The Leprechaun trap is optional.  We were going to make one in class, but the children wanted to make their own.  The directions are in the folders today.  Traps will be set up in the classroom on Monday in hope of catching the Leprechaun.

The Family Shamrock is required for each child to complete.  The shamrock cutout along with directions are in your child’s folder too!  Your child will have the opportunity to present their shamrock to the class.

Both projects are due on or before, Monday March 16th.

Parent teacher conferences are coming.  Not all parents are required to attend the conferences.  This round of conferences are for any students who may be struggling in a subject or have shown much progress since November’s conferences.   I will be contacting parents to schedule a conference time.  Conferences are March 26 4:00-7:00 p.m.  If I do not contact you, there is no need for a conference.

Spelling words – op family words


big (repeat)





Have a great week!



Congratulations to our class for winning the Principal’s Award for the month of February.   We tied with Mrs. Muston’s class so we will have the trophy in our class for the next 2 weeks and then we will give it to Mrs. Muston’s class for the last 2 weeks of this month.  Awesome job Kindergarten!!

Congratulations to the top 3 Morley candy sellers from our classroom (each classroom has 3 winners):

1st place Ryleigh Archer – she won a limo ride to McDonald’s for lunch next Friday.

2nd place Calyssa Post – gift card to Toys R Us

3rd place Molly Nachtrieb – gift card to 7/11

Congratulations to the following students for 2nd card marking awards for PBIS:

Most Valuable Player – Quincy Grignon

Most Improved Player – Bethany Salliotte

Writing Homework Folders

All students will be receiving a writing homework folder this week.  Each child has one writing assignment to complete each week.  The folders and assignments are due on Friday, March 27.  These assignments are to help your child continue to grow in their writing skills.


Thursday is our Dr. Seuss Character dress up day.  Your child is invited to dress up as his/her favorite Dr. Seuss character.

Have a great night!



Week of March 2-6

Here is what you need to know for this week in Kindergarten.

Monday- Gym day.  Be sure to bring tennis shoes.  We also have music.   Favorite book cover drawings are due.  This was sent home last week.

Tuesday-  We have music class.

Wednesday- Gym day.  Be sure to bring tennis shoes.

Thursday- We have science enrichment.  We are celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  Your child is invited to dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character.

Friday- We have art class.  Please return library books, today is library check out day.  Popcorn sale.  Bags are $.25 each.


1.  Arrival/departure rules:  The outside doors cannot be opened prior to the bell ringing, even if the student safeties are present.  In the morning if you arrive after 8:40, you must check in at the office.  We cannot open the back door after 8:40 a.m.  These rules are in place for safety reasons.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

2.  Please be sure to send back your child’s reading bags on Mondays.  Many students have not been returning their bags.  I use these books in class with your child.  Books did not go home on Friday.  They will be coming home this week.

3.  Best behavior incentive for the month of March.  The class will be treated to a pizza party if everyone stays on green or higher for the month of March.  The children are up for the challenge.

Spelling words: -ig family words  Test will be on Friday.







What we are learning:

Literacy: Rhyming, Letter Z wrap up and begin letter C, text features, beginning, middle, end of a story.

Math: addition review, we will be working on subtraction toward the end of the week.

Writing: personal narratives and informational writing

Science: Earth materials

Social Studies: american symbols, neighborhoods

Have a great week!


Book orders and spelling words

I had one book order for this month.  I am extending the due date until Wednesday if anyone else would like to order books.

Spelling words (-et family) :







Thanks again for all the donations to make our 100 day celebration a huge success!  Thank you to all parent helpers for your help today!

Kim Stawara