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The time is ticking…

toward the beginning of a new school year!!! Hello everyone! We hope you all enjoyed the last days of summer vacation with your child/children.  We miss them so much (and of course you all, too)!!  Please give them a great big hug and tell them we said hi! Also, we wanted to wish everyone a …Continue reading

Regie Rainbow

The children have been traveling from island to island with their new friend, Regie Rainbow.  They have earned their red, orange, and yellow stripes, so far! The red foods they tried: strawberry, red pepper, radish, watermelon, tomato. The orange foods: orange pepper, orange tomato, mango, cantaloupe, tangerine, sweet potato, carrot. The yellow foods: lemon, yellow …Continue reading

Email Address

Hi again! Don’t forget: if your child found the animal they predicted they would see and you were able to take a picture of them with the animal, please email to me.  If they could not find their animal and they chose another one, please email that picture to me:)  I hope everyone had a …Continue reading

Exploration Station

Here are some pictures of our adventure to the Exploration Station.  The children were wonderful listeners and eager to participate.  They learned more about their 5 senses and how the body works.  

Zoo Reminder:)

Hello Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend with your loved ones.  The weather was perfect. And it looks like tomorrow will be just as great!  Remember, please arrive at the usual drop off time.  You and your child will stay together and we will wait for the bus to arrive. Please be …Continue reading

Early Childhood Parent Survey – Please Complete:)

Dear Parent/Guardian, Cotter Early Childhood Center and all Dearborn Schools are involved in an ongoing continuous improvement process, of which parents and guardians are an integral part. Cotter Early Childhood Center is using the AdvancED Parent Survey as a means to elicit your opinions to help target areas for the school system to improve and …Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hopefully your child saved their surprise for you until today!  And hopefully you did not peek;)  They were so excited to share their gifts with you!  The words that you read on the card are your child’s EXACT words.  The questions were: What does your mom do when you go to school?  Why do you …Continue reading

They earned their red stripe!

Did your child come home from school on Thursday and tell you how they earned their red power stripe?!  I hope so!  We started our Regie Rainbow nutrition and physical activity unit created by the National Kidney Foundation.  This is a program where the children learn about the broccoli super hero named Regie.  They will …Continue reading

4 more things;)

First thing: I just wanted to remind you that the Parent Meeting scheduled for May 18th has been cancelled due to us coming to see you on home visits this month.  It will be a regular day of school. Second thing: I will put out the home visit schedule tomorrow morning.  Visits will take place …Continue reading

Cafeteria Fun!

I hope your child came home and told you about their cafeteria experience:)  They did amazing!!  Even the lunch monitors commented on how they would have never known this was their first time in the cafeteria and that they were preschoolers.  They carried their own trays, walked to the tables, opened their silverware and milks. …Continue reading

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