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Picture Retakes

If you would like your child to have their school picture retaken, please send back the original envelope tomorrow.  Please let me know in the morning so I can make sure they have their picture retaken.  Thank you!

Daily 5 – Read to Self

This is what Read to Self looks like in our classroom:)  First, we look at our chart and go over the expectations: Stay in one spot, Read the whole time, Keep eyes on they book, Read quietly Then, after the children read, we discuss if they did the expectations.  They show a thumbs up if …Continue reading

Toothpick Names

The children practiced their fine motor skills using toothpicks to punch out the letters of their first and last name.  This task takes hand eye coordination, fine motor strength, and patience.  They were concentrating so hard to only punch out the black part of the letters.  They also discovered when they held their name tag …Continue reading

GSRP Parent Handbook

Critter Guy

Paul, the Critter Guy, came to visit last week and the children were so surprised!  He was wonderful with the children and allowed them to touch, hold, and ask questions about the animals.  There were 2 doves, tree frog, mouse, starfish, chinchilla, and snake.  I hope your child told you all about their experience.  Now, …Continue reading

How to Problem Solve with Your Child

During the parent/teacher conferences yesterday, some of you had questions about how to solve problems or conflicts with your child/children.  Here is the approach we use in the classroom and the children are very familiar with the language.  These steps may take a while to go through in the beginning but it will eventually be …Continue reading

Fine Motor Activities

During the parent/teacher conferences, I discussed with some of you about ideas on how to strengthen your child’s fine motor skills.  There is a great importance of having these skills and will aid in the developmental stages of your child’s writing.  These activities will help ALL of the children and you can find many of …Continue reading

Pumpkin Investigation

Who knew how much you could do with pumpkins?!  The children used their 5 senses once again to examine this large, orange fruit.  They were first asked to describe the outside of the pumpkin by looking, feeling, smelling, listening.  Then, the children were asked to make a prediction about what they would find inside.  We …Continue reading

Happy Birthday Mrs. Hamka!

The children and I wanted to wish Mrs. Hamka a happy, happy birthday!! We sang in English, Arabic, and Spanish.  The children made her a birthday cake with the counting bears, “cupcakes” with materials from the Art Area, and birthday cards.  We hope you had the best birthday yet! We are so thankful for Mrs. …Continue reading

Going on leaf hunt

what are we going to find?!  The children have been learning about their 5 senses: see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.  To put these senses to action, we all went on a walk.  The children used their senses to describe the nature around them. The children were asked to pick one favorite leaf for the …Continue reading

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