Tuesday 11/14/17


Content Objective Students will demonstrate obtaining, evaluating information and engaging in argument on heat and temperature through in-class explorations.
Language Objective Students will write, in complete sentences, evidence reasoning and claims on heat and temperature through provided sentence starters.


Today we read and annotated an article on temperature vs heat. We then used evidence from the text to reason a claim on weather or not the items in class were the same temperature.


Homework is to come to class tomorrow with two pieces of evidence that would support a claim along with reasoning for each evidence. Reasoning should apply your evidence to our question, ” Are the objects the same temperature?”


Here is a link to the article   (Just read up to temperature scales.)


Here is the CER slide

Are the objects the same temperature?




Sentence Starters

-One observation made during the experiment was…




Sentence starters


Because of this…;


This implies…;


This means…


Due to this…






Sentence Starter


The materials are / aren’t the same temperature because…


The article states, “


-One example is…


Match each piece of evidence with a reasoning statement


*Reasoning statements should link the evidence to the question “ Why do items feel different at the same temperature?”