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Graphing Resources for Heart Rate Graphs

Hey guys, so I wanted to make some of the graphing resources available to you so that you can refer to them while you’re completing your graphs from our Heart Rate Investigation. Remember that these graphs are due tomorrow! (Friday, Sept 15) I will send out a Remind as well.

Here are some things to help you out:

  1. Graphing PPT (DRY MIX TAILS) 

  2. Parts of a Graph YouTube Video

  3. Graphing by Hand Bozeman Science YouTube Video


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Welcome to Biology

If you have Biology with Mr. McCarter (McCarter & Kukseski) then congratulations, you’ve made it to the right place. A couple of communications things to get out of the way:

  1. Subscribe to the Blog!
  2. Enroll in iLearn. (Link here)
  3. Join the Remind Group (link here)
  4. Here’s a link to the syllabus for the class (link here)

My email is:

Ms. Kukeski’s email:

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Final Exam Study Guide and Study Resources

Hey guys, so I’m posting the study guide below along with some other resources for you to use to study from. Focus your study time on things that you’re having trouble with first and them move into things that you understand well. This was you won’t be stressed studying things you don’t get right before the test because the last things you’ll be studying will be the stuff that you get the best =)

Study Guide:

Semester 2 Final Exam Study Guide

YouTube Playlists:

Cell Division

DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis

Mendel & Inheritance


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Cell Division Study Resources

Hey guys, here are some resources to help you study the material that we’re covering in class. Remember that there will be no test on this material, you will be assessed on it through your final exam. The exam will have a lot of Cell Division questions on it.

Cell Division Study Resources:

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Nucleic Acid Structure & Protein Synthesis Review Materials

Hey guys, so we have our test coming up tomorrow (Thursday for 2nd hour) and I wanted to post a few last minute resources for you to use. While we were playing our Kahoot review games today you should have been paying attention to what things were giving you trouble and what things you have nailed down. Most of you have Nucleotide structure down pretty well, but need to study up on Protein Synthesis (transcription and translation).

Here are the Resources:

  • Power points from class
  • Amoeba Sisters YouTube Playlist (We will NOT be covering DNA Replication, so don’t worry about that video. All of the others we watched in class.)
  • Don’t forget about your notes and handouts from class!!! Those will be very helpful! I suggest having them out when you watch the videos.
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Sponge Bob Punnet Square Practice ANSWER KEY

Hey guys, HERE is the link to the ppt with the answers from our Sponge Bob Punnet Square practice wkst. 

Make sure that you understand how to read the word problems correctly to get the information you need from the paragraph. Things like figuring out what the genotypes are that they’re asking you to cross. Are they asking for genotypes or phenotypes of offspring?

Reminder that the test is on THURSDAY =)

Email me with questions if you have them.


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Test Moved to Friday: Study Materials

Test moved to Friday. Here’s some stuff to study from.

Here is a link to the slides from class.  The material on the test will start with slide #58 and go to the end of the presentation. 

Here is a link to the YouTube Playlist with several videos from class in it. This is a useful refresher.\

Don’t forget to look through your notes and materials from class as you’re studying. They are probably your best resources

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Missing Work

Hey guys, so many of you are missing a lot of formative homework assignments. You can still turn these in before the end of the Card Marking next Friday for partial credit. If you do not turn these in they will turn into 0’s and start hurting your grade.

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