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Test Corrections Sign Up Form

Open the link to the form and complete it to sign up for Test Corrections for after school this Thursday, 11/9/2017.


Type your last and first name in to the appropriate boxes. Check off the Assessments for which you would like to complete test corrections. You will have from 2:30-3:30 PM on Thursday, Nov 9th to complete the corrections. I will only have those assessments that you have check ready for you to complete. If you do not complete and Submit this form, you will not be permitted to come to test corrections.

Test Corrections Sign Up Form LINK

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Microevolution Video Link

Hey there guys,

Here is a link to the video from class on the cause of Evolution. 

You need to watch this video and write down at least 6 things into a double entry notes page in your binders. I will be checking these while you work on the next step of our lesson, similar to how I checked your practice problems. Use your Say Something Strategy Sheet from your reference section to help you with the “Notes From My Mind” side. Here is a link to the Say Something Sheet, just in case you’ve been wildly irresponsible with yours =)

Never forget the question that we are trying to answer! There is a lot of information from this video that will help you to construct your answer!

Lesson Question:

What are the causes of Evolution?

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Vocabulary Assignment Resources

Hey guys, so don’t forget that you have to complete a Frayer Model, like we went over in class, for each of the 8 vocab words that I gave you yesterday. The words are below. DUE MONDAY!!!!

Here are the words:

  • Allele
  • Gene
  • Natural Selection
  • Genetic Drift
  • Frequency
  • Fixation
  • Adaptation
  • Heredity
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Drift Worm Homework Links & Genetic Drift Study Resources

Drift Worm Simulation Link

Hey guys, so if you did not finish collecting your data for the Drift Worms Activity from Friday and today, then you need to finish collecting that on your own at home. Click on THIS LINK and change the population to whatever size you need (3 or 6 worms) by typing it into the box labeled “Population Size.” Then type “50” into the “Generations” box and click “Go!” to run your trial. Record the data by coloring in the appropriate worms on your worksheet until fixation. Most of you who need to finish collecting data only need to run one or two more trials.

*****Complete the graph and the questions for tomorrow, I will be collecting them first thing.*****

Helpful Videos:

  • If you need help with taking your averages HERE is a video that will help you calculate averages.
  • Genetic Drift Video from class is HERE
  • Another Video on Genetic Drift is HERE
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Graphing Resources for Heart Rate Graphs

Hey guys, so I wanted to make some of the graphing resources available to you so that you can refer to them while you’re completing your graphs from our Heart Rate Investigation. Remember that these graphs are due tomorrow! (Friday, Sept 15) I will send out a Remind as well.

Here are some things to help you out:

  1. Graphing PPT (DRY MIX TAILS) 

  2. Parts of a Graph YouTube Video

  3. Graphing by Hand Bozeman Science YouTube Video


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