Nov 15

Nov 15th Recap

Algebra 2: Today we finished going over transformations. The unit 2 test  will be split into 2 parts, calculator and non-calculator. The non-calculator part of the test will be taken on Friday November 17th and will include: matching the function family to its graph and equation and reading various intervals (domain/range/increasing/decreasing) and points (min/max/x and y intercepts) from a graph. The calculator part of the test will be taken on Monday November 20th and will cover transformations. The transformation homework is due on Monday. (Transformations of Graphs HW)

Nov 14

Algebra 2 Test Practice

In preparation for our Unit 2 Test on Friday November 17th I have several practice sets designed to help you study in addition to all notes and work you have created during class. This is a practice set for matching the parent functions to their graph and equation (). The practice for interval writing can be found in the previous post.

Transformation HW (Due Monday at the beginning of class): Transformations of Graphs HW

Nov 12

Algebra 2 Test

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! In preparation for our unit test on Friday November 17th, here is a document with graphs you can practice finding intervals and various graph points with. I will post an answer key later this week. The homework from Friday includes some of these graphs; it is now part of a study guide and will NOT be collected on Monday.


Interval Practice

Nov 03

Nov. 3rd Recap

Alg 2: Today we continued our discussion of domain and range. Student’s homework is to study their notes and practice problems regarding domain and range to prepare for their quiz. On Monday we will begin a discussion on increasing and decreasing intervals.

Chemistry: Today we finished our discussion on PVTn problems and energy transfer in gases. On Monday November 6th we have a quiz on PVTn problems. The review worksheet posted here (Unit 2 PVTn Review) is due Monday November 6th at the beginning of class.

Oct 27

Algebra 2 Desmos Homework 10/27

The Desmos homework is for you to continue practicing matching the different function families to their graph and equations. There are 2 activities to complete. Some classes have already started activity 1; if you did, you do not need to complete it again. This is due Sunday October 29th at 10pm!

Here are the function families notes (Student_FoF_Intro

To begin:

  1. Go to
  2. A page should appear asking for a class code. The codes are below for each activity and are sorted by hour. Please only use the codes for your hour; using the wrong code will result in a 0.
  3. Once you have entered the code, it will ask you to sign in. Please sign in using your Dearborn Schools email (sign in with Google option)
  4. As you complete the activities (instructions for each are below) Desmos automatically submits your answers to me. You do not need to do anything extra to submit your answers!

Activity 1- Families of Functions Matching

For this activity, you need to type in the equation which will graph a line to connect all points shown on the graph. Some notes:

  • f(x) is the same thing as y!! You do not type f(x)=y=…!! Just type in your equation after the f(x)!
  • For exponential functions, b is a number!!! Do not type in b for your equation; pick a number (based on the rules (b>0 or b<0) and plug it in! If the number you picked doesn’t work, try a new one!


Activity 2- Parent Function Card Sorting

For this activity, you need to sort the cards into 8 groups, one group for each of the different families of functions.


If you experience any difficulties; let me know and I will do my best to troubleshoot for you! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Oct 26

Oct 27th Recap

Alg 2: Today we started our Families of Functions Unit by matching the functions to their equation and graph. We also made note cards in order to help us study and provide a quick reference for us. Tomorrow is our bellwork quiz on using the discriminant. Here are some notes (Discriminant Explanantion) and extra practice (Discriminant Practice).


Chemistry: Today we investigated the relationship between the number of gas particles present and the volume of the container.

Oct 18

Oct 18th Recap

Alg 2: Today we practiced solving systems with quadratic and linear equations. Here is the review sheet (NonLinear Practice). We will continue this tomorrow. The Unit 1 test is Friday October 20th.  I will hold a review session after school in G-121 for any students who wish to get more help.

Chemistry: Today we continued our discussion about temperature and energy. Tomorrow we will discover why straws work!

Oct 17

Oct 17th Recap

Hello everyone! Many things happened today so be sure to read through everything!

ROOM CHANGE: The district wants to finish our classroom ASAP, so in order to allow for work to be done during the day, our room has changed.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd hours: meet in D-104! 4th hour: meet in A-221! 6th hour: meet in D-205!


Algebra 2: Today we learned the last of the material for our test on Friday October 20th. Here are the standards we are testing on:

  1. I can solve systems of linear equations
  2. I can solve systems of linear inequalities
  3. I can solve a system with a linear equation and a quadratic equation
  4. I can determine the number of solutions for a system

Your study guide is all of the work we have done so far (notes, quizzes, worksheets, etc.)!


Chemistry: Today we took an assessment about designing engineering solutions to work on climate change issues. This assessment will be highly valuable for designing future projects and units. We also took notes (U2_Temperature) on temperature conversions, which we will continue tomorrow.

Oct 16

Oct 16th Recap

Happy Monday! As the card-marking end approaches, remember any missing or late work is due to me by Wednesday October 18th or it will remain a ZERO in the gradebook.

Algebra 2: Today we began examining non-linear systems of equations (NonLinearSystems Overview). Tomorrow we will continue our investigation by examining how to solve these systems using substitution and graphing methods. The UNIT 1 TEST! is Friday October 20th! Your study guide is every notes, worksheets, and quiz we have done. Start studying now in order to be successful later!

Chemistry: Today we continued our examination of energy and states of matter by examining the expansion and contraction of gases and liquids as they are heated and cooled. (U2_HowDoesEnergyAffectMatter)

P.S.: Here is a corgi with a pumpkin to make your Monday a little happier 🙂

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