Monday the Beginning!

Posting now after getting organized after a excellent beginning of the week staff meeting 😀  Hope everyone else is fired up for a good week.

We have a busy week ahead of us, so let’s see what’s happening in each class.

Social Studies

Homework:  My Core 1 and 3 students received a short and sweet Facts and Opinion worksheet to practice and review today, Core 2 will receive tomorrow.  This will be due Tomorrow (except for my Core 2 Students, for whom it will be due Thursday).

Students finished the final new vocabulary practice for this unit, and will be receiving a study guide tomorrow for their Quiz, which will be on Thursday.  They’ll have a full 2 nights to study, so I expect scores to be great!


I hopefully gave out the last worksheets on using Chip Boards and Numberlines to subtract negative numbers today, but we’ll be practicing with negatives in our bellwork for a long time I imagine, not resting till we’re perfect.  I’ll probably keep surprising them with integer puzzles every one in a while to test their brains. 😀

Some students retook a quiz today while the others worked on their worksheets.  Unfinished worksheets are homework for tomorrow as I announced at the end of class.

Upcoming topics are multiplying/dividing with negatives, order of operations when solving problems, and more practice with turning word problems into math formulas the students can solve.

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Half a Friday!

Students were let out early today so that teachers could spend some time in classes of their own. 😀 😀 😀  Hope they enjoyed the break and will come back next Monday refreshed and ready to go.

My classes today were focused mostly on catching up and finishing any classwork from the past week that needed reminding.  Both Social Studies AND Math classes can expect tests and study guides to go out next week to sum up the past units, these will be posted on the Blog the same day they go out.

All Social Studies students should have finished the following come Monday (hopefully they mostly finished in class, but any gaps are homework.)  I will check each of these Monday during Bellwork for the 10 pts these assignments are worth.

Primary and Secondary Source Notes.

This is the following pages we worked on in class glued/stapled into their interactive notebooks

  • two pages of text (2nd page has about 6 lines students need to fill in)
  • one page of flaps with definitions and drawings underneath
  • one page of personal/class definitions
  • one page of sorted sources (students need to fill in)
  • one page of labeled sources (students need to fill in)

Mind Walk – Activity and Evidence Log

Students thought of 5 things they did in the past 24 hours and provided 1-2 pieces of evidence someone could use as a Source to prove they were there.  Signed Papers, Video Logs, Friends’ Testimony, etc.  We will complete part C on Monday, so that does not need to be completed.


Bellwork is being graded this weekend, so students should have made sure that they have each daily entry dated.  Many students continue to slack on this activity, so pa

Doot Doot It’s Octoberrents and students, if your progress report is showing poor Bellwork grades, get it together!  I don’t grade these on correctness, I grade them on the attempt and effort as they exist as a setup and warmup to my class.


Math students also had time to finish any incomplete work from this week after completing a short 5 question quiz on solving equations with negative numbers.  We will be pushing and pushing excellence and mastery of these skills all year because they are incredibly important.  The other work they need to have turned in Monday if they did not complete it is:

8 Question Large Number 2-step equations Sheet
Exactly as it sounds, this was homework due today so it definitely should be in for Monday.

Word Problems Practice Sheet

Students practiced turning word problems into mathematical formulas at a simple level.  This is another MASSIVELY important skill students will practice this year, and this is just the beginning.  There were about 16 questions on this sheet for students to finish.

Also, happy Friday the 13th of October.  Don’t forget to be extra spooky this Weekend to make your skeleton grow up big and strong!
Doot Doot

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Thursday the 12th

The week is coming to a close!  Parents and Students, don’t forget that tomorrow we have a 1/2 day, and the schedule for my classes looks like this:


I’ll be doing some organizing and reviewing in all classes tomorrow, finishing up notes, reviewing work, and otherwise preparing for tests in both Social Studies and Math next week.  You can expect a study guide on Monday or Tuesday for Math, and the test midweek – and Social Studies will see their study guide near the end of the week and their test either Friday or Monday – I’ll see how quickly we get through the last piece of material that I have to cover with them before I make that decision.

As far as homework goes today, there was nothing I gave out just to be homework, only if students didn’t finish their in class notes (Social Studies), or their in class worksheet (Math) do they have any work to do at home today.  The Study Guide I will give out next week WILL be homework, so make sure to look out for that.

As always, if you have any questions you can comment here on the blog or message me at my work email – which is  If any parents want me to call them about anything, shoot me an email with your number, I’ll call you before school, after school (like I’ve been doing today to some parents), or during my Prep from 817-915, depending on your preference.

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Wednesday, Progress Reports!

No homework in either class again today, lots of in class work.  Both classes (Social Studies and Math) have summative tests of the past several units of learning soon… so they should be aware and prepare.

Importantly, Progress Reports went out today in each class.  All students got an update on their grade and missing work (a nice summary that you can also just find on Student or Parent Connect), but Parents, any student with a D or an E in any class has to bring home that report to have you sign it.  So, Students, don’t forget – that way all 3 groups – Students, Parents, and myself can work on getting you to being the successful student you can be.

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Halfway! Progress Reports

Students will be receiving their progress reports tomorrow – a checkup of how they are doing in each class.  Overall most students aren’t doing too bad considering the shakes and jitters of a new year with new teachers!  I’ll be handing out reports to everyone in my class – but as a school we’re only required to give them out to students with Ds and Es.

Students with a D or an E you will be required to take home your report and get it signed by a parent.  Parents, you can expect a call from me as well this week about your son or daughter if they have a D or E in my class – we can talk ways for them to improve and catch up and start learning as well as the rest of the class.

As for in class stuff,

Social Studies – Students turned in their projects Friday (or yesterday, or today, or tomorrow if they were late…) and every single one I have received complete up to this point is now graded.  In fact, everything any student has given to me is graded, so if you check StudentConnect anything missing is likely lost, or just buried in a folder somewhere.  They will see this more clearly on their progress report.

We’re about halfway through out short unit on Primary and Secondary Sources, after finishing up Timelines last week, and we’ll be moving through a lot of Historical preparation the next few weeks as we prepare to begin studying the heart of this year’s class – the History of Ancient Civilizations.

S.S Upcoming – No homework as of now, I was out at Professional Development yesterday and didn’t want to spring anything ridiculous on the students.  However, they can expect a test soon to recap what they’ve learned up to this point, likely this week or next week.  They will have a study guide posted several days in advance (likely on here as well) to prepare, so be prepared!

Mathematics – Students continue to dig deep into adding and subtracting negative numbers, and solving two step equations… and today putting them together.  I’m going to keep hitting these concepts till students are absolute Masters of it, and I’m starting to bring in the word problems to go along with it… eventually I want students to problem solve with these new skills and do some cool projects, but they need to master the skills first!

Upcoming –  No homework right now, but there will likely be some this week as we are approaching a test to assess how well they’ve got the material down, so be prepared.

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Tuesday the Third

Moving into new material in all classes this week!  Students really feeling that first-month-is-over stress starting to hit, but we’ll get through it!

Social Studies
Core 1 Finished up their notes on Timelines on pace, and then moved onto a group activity organizing dates on a timeline.  Their classmates on Core 2 and 3 took longer to get through the notes, and those classes have Homework where they do the same organization on their own at home.

Core 1 Received the packet for the Social Studies Project today in class, core 2 and 3 were behind enough that will be given tomorrow – all classes will still be due Friday, Core 2 and 3 will just have to pick up the pace they lost today!

Students reviewed notes on subtracting negative numbers (and what to do about that double negative) using chip boards in class again, before practicing on their own.  They were also introduced to the concept of Absolute Value, and ended with an Integer Maze.  If they didn’t finish the above in class (most did), then it was Homework.

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Plate Projects!

Finally got the plates where students drew a country (with proper latitude and longitude labeled) put up in the hallway!  Looks pretty good to me.

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Upcoming Note!

The end of the Social Studies Unit will not be a Quiz like the past two units, but will instead be a project that requires parent participation.  Students will receive 3 sheets of information regarding this project tomorrow (Tuesday) after class, and it will be due at the beginning of class on Friday where we will Peer Review them and hang them up.

The sheets they will receive are:
1)  Interview Questions to ask their parents
2) A sheet labeled ‘My Family Timeline’ for them to add the information from the interview questions, as well as some of their own events, to prepare it for putting on the timeline.

3) An example timeline for students that need an idea of what theirs could look like.

Students will have two options for their timelines:
1) Draw their own timeline on blank paper (White printer, or Colored Construction Paper are both acceptable) and make it as artistic as they desire using Pens, Markers, Colored Pencils, Crafty additions using Scissors and glue… only limitation is to keep it no larger than 9’x 11′.
2) Take 5 sheets of computer or construction paper, cut them in half, and make a 10 page booklet – where each page has the Date, Event, and a small illustration of the Event.

I am attaching the rubric the students will use to Peer Review each other to this post for parents and students to prepare themselves to use.

I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with!

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Monday Update!

Quick checkup on a fairly simple Monday day of class.

Social Studies – Received Latitude and Longitude quizzes back, overall quizzes were up over the last one! Students still need a little more practice both drawing maps with latitude and longitude, and finding places using it – so we’ll be revisiting those skills throughout the year.

Today students received the guided notes for how to read and understand Timelines, and where out calendar comes from. This will be continued tomorrow, along with practice using the timelines!

No homework today.

Math – Students continued practicing solving equations of differing complexity, including more and more practice with two-step equations. The main portion of class was spent on using whiteboards to show their work on subtracting positive and negative numbers using Chip Boards and Number Lines – we will have more review on this, especially on number lines, tomorrow.

No Homework today.


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Thursday the 28th

Finally a break in the heat, today was positively cool by comparison.  Looking forward to more normal fall weather in time for our first home football game tomorrow!

Social Studies – Students today finished a review sheet that was homework if they did not finish it, as well as continued work on small country drawings – all to finish practicing using Latitude and Longitude as we finish the Unit.  The Quiz is tomorrow, and then next week we move onto using maps!

Math – Students (mostly) finished their MAP Math testing today, I still have a few students left but we’ll largely be back to general order tomorrow practicing adding/subtracting negative numbers using chip boards and number lines – and working on solving equations during their bellwork.

Starting next week I am going to attempt to put scans of some or all of any handouts we do in class onto this blog for students who need a copy at home, so expect to see a few of those.  You will DEFINITELY see major project guides and other important materials posted on here so they are always accessible.

Have a good night!

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