Summer Homework Program 2017

For All 5th Grade 2017-2018 Howe Students



A reading activities packet is going home with all fourth grade students. 

– has many stories. Please email me, if you are curious on an appropriate Lexile level for your child.


Summer Writing Program:


This summer to help you keep up your writing, spelling and grammar skills, Miss Nellie’s 2017-18 5th grade class is asked to write every week. Weekly writing topics are due each Sunday. All writings will need to be completed using Google Docs and ‘shared’ with Miss Nellie, at  .


This year’s writing assignments will be graded as part of extra credit for the first quarter report card. I will ‘comment’ using Google Docs back to each student, on each assignment. Next week’s writing assignment should include these improvements.


So don’t work ahead!! Makeup writing assignments due to family vacation schedules are allowed but please only one entry at a time. Wait for my ‘comments’ to proceed to next assignment.


This writing assignment is to write a strong paragraph on each of the 10 writing topics listed below, one topic per week, and each is due by Sunday.


All writing topic should:

– use the weekly number

–  followed by your full name as the Google Doc, file name.


Each assignment’s paper is to  be titled, have the week number and your full name at the top center of the paper. Use only a fonts size of 14, Arial font, and use only black type color (for printing purposes). Please no colors.


Each paragraph will consist of five sentences, and should be indented. Proper capitalization and punctuation is important. Each paragraph will need good sentences of at least 5 words per sentence.


How to write a good paragraph? Start with a topic sentence, which is the main idea of the paragraph. The next part of the paragraph, called the transition, where the topic is written about in (3) supporting sentences and then a conclusion,which restates your topic sentence and your opinion.


simple sentence is a group of words that make sense on its own.  Each sentence will always have a verb and a subject. All sentences should have a minimum of five words.


Summer Writing 2017 Topics (One paragraph per week is due on Sunday.)

Week One – due June 25

                It was the first day of my Summer vacation and …


Week Two – due July 2

                If I was a letter in the alphabet, I would want to be a _______. Why? …


Week Three – due July 9                      

                My Mom and I love to bake cookies. My favorite cookie is ________because …


Week Four – due July 16  

                Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system.   Saturn is …  


Week Five – July 23

                  I enjoy myself when I go to the playground by playing … Why?  


Week Six – July 30

               Selecting books at the library is where I enjoy choosing new book.  Why?


Week Seven – August 6

                My favorite art class project this past school year was _______.  Why?


Week Eight – August 13

                My most favorite ice cream flavor is __________ . Why?            


Week Nine – August 20

                I prefer to use markers, colored pencils, or crayons when I draw because …


Week Ten – August 27

                When I play soccer, my favorite position is ________.     [If you don’t play soccer, write about another sport you like to do and tell why. ]                                                      



To improve typing skills go to .


Summer Math

All students are on their level math for Khan Academy and Moby Max to practice a half hour of each per week.  That is one hour of Math should be done each week. 


Due to vacation time, students may work ahead or catch-up when needed.

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