November 17

Today, we took our quiz on multiplying mixed numbers.

Many students had a hard time with their practice test on percents.  We went over them, and many students did better, but I would still spend time this weekend making sure students can write the “is over of” ratios to solve the percents.  We will work on this again Monday before our test Tuesday.

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November 16

Today, we continued working on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers.  They are going to have a quiz on this skill tomorrow.

We also continued working with percents.  I showed them a new way to represent a percent on a grid of 100, and it seemed to work very well.  Tonight, their homework is the practice assessment on percents.  We will be giving the test on Tuesday.  If you are going to be out of town Tuesday, please let me know so I can give your child the test tomorrow or Monday.  Remember, the practice test looks EXACTLY like the real test, with different numbers.  We will continue working on percents tomorrow and Monday.

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November 15

Today, we learned how to set up ratios to calculate percents of numbers.  Students were getting the hang of “is over of,” as ways to identify the part and the whole in the ratio.  We will be having a test on percents early next week.  I’d like to have it Tuesday, but if there are going to be a high number of students absent that day, I will move the test to Monday because I don’t want students to have to wait until after Thanksgiving to make it up.

We also continued our work with number systems.  Students are doing a better job of simplifying fractions and turning them into mixed numbers at the end of the problem.

Tonight’s homework is the back of last night’s homework, which is more practice on multiplying fractions.  Tomorrow night, the homework will be the practice test on percents.

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November 14

It was great to meet so many of you at conferences last night, and I hope for another great turnout tonight.  I was also glad to hear so many of you are using the blog on a regular basis.

Today, we learned how to multiply mixed numbers.  Students need to turn the mixed number into an improper fraction before simplifying.  Make sure we simplify fractions before we multiply.

We also continued looking at percents of numbers as diagrams.  Tomorrow, I am going to show them the more traditional way of writing an “is over of” ratio.  I expect the students to relate this to the work we’ve done with equivalent ratios, and hopefully will catch on quick.  They won’t have a homework assignment on this skill until Thursday.

Tonight’s homework is the Study Guide & Intervention side of the multiplying fractions/mixed numbers handout.  Students do NOT have to complete both sides for homework.

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November 13

I look forward to meeting you tonight or tomorrow night at parent teacher conferences.  The students will be taking you through their portfolio, and I look forward to meeting you and providing my own input as to strength and weaknesses from the first quarter.

Today, we took our quiz on graphing ratios.  We also started multiplying fractions.  The main thing I want students to be able to do with this skill is to simplify before they multiply.  We will be working on this for the next several days.

Tonight’s homework: Ratios and Graphs Practice #5

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November 10

Today, we got ready for our student lead parent teacher conferences on Monday and Tuesday.  Students created portfolios that they will be presenting to their parents.  We also reviewed our Graphing Ratios Practice Assessment for Monday’s quiz.  If your students are having a hard time with the graphing, make sure to have them practice this weekend for Monday’s quiz.  Have a good weekend!

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November 9

Today we took our second quiz on adding and subtracting mixed numbers.  We also spent time practicing ratios and graphs.  We will have a quiz on ratios and graphs Monday.  Tonight’s homework is a practice quiz.

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November 8

Today, we started talking about percents.  We are using diagrams to visually represent a percent of a given value.  This is similar to the work we did with tape diagrams to find part to part and part to whole ratios.  Some students were confused, but it was only the first day and we will work with percents several more times before they start getting homework on them next week.

We continued adding mixed numbers today.  I am giving them another small 6 question quiz on mixed numbers tomorrow.  Students need to make sure they are putting their answers in simplest form.  We will start multiplying fractions next.

Tonight’s homework is graphing ratios.  We have done this several times in class, but we haven’t done it for homework.  Students should have plenty of examples of finished graphs if they need help.

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November 6

Today, students got their adding and subtracting mixed numbers quizzes back.  Students lost a lot of points for simplifying fractions, so that’s what their homework is on tonight.  As always, it is posted on the blog.

We also continued our work with representing ratios as equations.

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November 3

Today we took a quiz on adding and subtracting mixed numbers.  We also played a Kahoot review game, which students really enjoyed.  We don’t have any homework this weekend.

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