September 18, 2017

Today, we worked on prime factorization.  For example:  16 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 2.  We talked about writing this using exponents, or 2 to the 4th power.  We also continued our work with equivalent ratios.

For homework, students have to a prime factorization assignment.  If they are confused on which side to do first, we are starting on the side with the horse head.  Tomorrow night’s homework will be the other side.  The answer to the first problem is 2 to the third power times 3.  That answer has a B next to it.  If you go to number 1 at the bottom of the page, you can put a B there because that’s the answer to the first problem.

My last class of the day (3rd block) didn’t finish their equivalent ratios worksheet, so they need to finish that as well.

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September 15, 2017

Today we took our first standardized test of the year.  Students were a little frustrated with items they didn’t know, but we will compare their scores two more times, and mark their growth.

There is no homework this weekend.  Monday, we will be starting prime factorization.

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September 14, 2017

Today we continued our work with ratios.  We went over part to part ratios, comparing two quantities.  We also listed all factors of a given number using a factor tree.  This will be useful next week when we find the Greatest Common Factor of two numbers.

Tonight’s homework is the rest of last night’s ratio worksheet:  problems 7-12.  There is also a prime number puzzle.  Both are listed under the homework tab on the main page of this site.  Please get the password from your child.

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September 13, 2017

I look forward to meeting you tonight at Open House!  Today, we worked on equivalent ratios.  Tonight’s homework is a folded handout on equivalent ratios.  They have to do questions 1-6.  The handout is a numbered in an odd way.  You have to fold the page down the middle for the numbers to make sense.

Use the ratios on question 1 (2:9) to answer the questions on number 2.  We started this assignment together in class.  I published an extra copy in my homework tab.

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Tuesday, September 12

Today in class, we worked on divisibility rules and prime numbers.  Students who had a hard time seemed to struggle with the multiples of 3.  For example, 51 and 57 were common problems students were listing as composite when they are actually prime.

Tonight for homework, students have to finish their prime number chart and complete the front and back (12 problems) of the divisibility rules worksheet.  Both these items are available under the homework tab.  Please get the password from your child.

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Welcome 6th Graders to Mr. Kettel’s math class!  On this site, I will update you on what we are learning in class, as well as upcoming assignments and tests.  I am so excited for the adventure that we are going to go on together this year.

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Welcome to iBlog

Welcome to iBlog Teacher Websites Sites. This is your brand new classroom website.  There are some things you should do to get started.  Hopefully you have been following the Getting Started Tutorials and Step Sheets.

It is important that you edit your profile so that you can choose your school and grade level as this will help parents and students find your website.  Look for the link in the upper right when you are logged in.

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