Hyperactive Children


ADHD? What’s that? ADHD is a common behavioral disorder that affects about 10% of school age children. Boys are three times more likely to be diagnosed with the disorder than girls. Kids with ADHD are hyper, over active, and act without thinking. They have a hard time focusing in class and paying attention. This disorder has some negative and some positive qualities that go along with it. People are born with ADHD it’s not just something a kid gets over time.

There are Special schools for kids with this disorder and other disorders, but most parents don’t use them. Rola Jouni a cafeteria staff member says, “he gets help at the school and I just don’t want him to be behind.” Kids with ADHD get special attention in school and get more help because it’s harder for them to focus and pay attention. They tend to daydream a lot and forget or lose things easily. They have difficulty also getting along with others and have trouble taking turns. Rania Moheich, a pharmacy tech at Dearborn Heights pharmacy has a son with this disorder. He’s 7 and he’s a 2nd grader at Highview Elementary School, and his name is Mohamad. She says, “Before he started taking his medication he had a lot of behavioral problems at school, and I used to get phone calls everyday from teachers complaining about his behavior.”

There are different positive and negative qualities that go along with this disorder. Mr. Fouani, a counselor at Unis Middle School, said that he’s dealt with many kids that have ADHD. He says “ I think ADHD has mostly negative qualities, and the kids that have it are mostly hyper and impulsive.” Kids are typically diagnosed at age 6 when they’re expected to sit quietly in school, follow directions, and not interrupt. But many people with ADHD aren’t hyperactive at all, and by the time they reach adulthood, most hyperactive people have calmed down. Mr.Lott a middle school science teacher at Unis says, “I have ADHD but as I have gotten older it’s gotten better.” Studies show that adults that show symptoms of ADHD have a hard time holding a job or sticking with a relationship.

       ADHD doesn’t just have negative quality there’s also a lot of good things that come along with this disorder. People like this have the ability to think a lot further than we do. Also when they set their mind to something they can be very productive. When people panic they seem to become calmer and more alert. Being overly active can have some negative things that go with it but they’ll always stay fit and healthy. There’s also a positive side to impulsive behavior. People who are impulsive don’t sit around and feel helpless. But this doesn’t mean if you have ADHD you shouldn’t get treated for it, medication, therapy, and coaching can really help. Rola’s son is 10 years old and he’s in 6th grade. She says, “he doesn’t take medication but he does have a psychologist he goes to every two weeks.” Studies show that specific medications that treat people with ADHD help them more than it hurts them.  


In conclusion ADHD is a common disorder that affects kids with paying attention and focusing. There are treatments and medications kids/adults can take that can help them with this disorder. There are also some positive qualities about this people with this disorder think further than others and can be very productive at times. Some adults with ADHD aren’t even hyperactive and as kids get older this condition gets better.


Student journalist, Leann Bazzi

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