Walk of Fame

Fordson National Honor Society students walk the halls of the Fordson feeder track schools in their caps and gowns. Proud graduates-to-be modeled for elementary and middle school students. An exciting experience for all students.

Oakman clean up Parade

The Oakman elementary community hosted the cleanup parade and students walked the community picking up trash to keep the neighborhood to clean. Board of trustees Hussein Berry, Mary Petlichkoff, and Nofila Haidar Dearborn PTA president were among the guests. Principal Aburus honored retiring principal Rita Rauch at the event. Clifford was there too!

FIRST Robotics At McCollough- Unis

Hundreds of students and families participated in the first robotics competition last weekend. The McCollough-Unis team led by Kidada Simmons and Chadi Farhat supported the event from 6 AM to 7 PM. Many other staff and family volunteers supported this event, which could not have been accomplished without much work and energy from all involved. An amazing display of robots and teamwork. A special event for our students. Board of Education trustee Hussein Berry with STEM middle school students

Fordson Feeder Track Music Celebration

We are pleased to announce the first ever Fordson Track Music Celebration taking place at the Unis Middle School gym on the afternoon of May 17th, 2017, 5:00-5:45 p.m. Choir, Orchestra, Band and General Music students from eight schools that feed into Fordson High School will perform a concert together, demonstrating the strength of music on the east side of Dearborn. In addition to showcasing the talents of Dearborn musicians, there will also be collaboration between schools and grade levels-demonstrating that music is truly a universal language the brings people together. Parents, family and community members are welcome to attend this free concert and support our young musicians. We hope to see you there!

Brehm Scholars

William K and Delores S Brehm are the generous founders of the Brehm Scholar program. The scholarship provides tuition and books for 4 years at UM for Fordson students.  Students apply for the scholarship.  A committee at UM reviews scholarship recipients.  The five Brehm Scholars for 2017 are pictured below with Principal Alcodray.  One of the students was accepted for a full tuition program at Harvard and turned it down to accept a Brehm scholarship.  Additional students apply for medical school scholarships-three were awarded to Fordson alumnae for 2017.  What a truly wonderful and exceptional gift to families in our community.

Mohomad Awada
Mohammed Hamid
Nada Jaradat
Zahra Makki
Mahdi Mazeh