October 9

Spelling Words & Class News

Happy Monday!!

Below are the Spelling Words for the week.  If you click on “Spelling Week 5”, it will take you directly to our class on iLearn.  Each week, students are required to complete the 4 practice items and 1 project.  The projects they can choose between are the Slide Show, Frayer Model, and the Word Study.  They are only required to choose 10 words to work with for the projects.  On Friday, I will choose 5 random projects to display but I will grade each students’ project regardless.  The Spelling test and project are the only grades I record in Grade Book for Spelling.  The practice items are intended to help them study, memorize, and prepare for the test.  The projects help them dig deeper into the meaning of each word.  They have time each day during Daily 5-Word Work, to work on a practice item and project.

Spelling Week 5

1. today
2. ache
3. estimate
4. phrase
5. trade
6. parade
7. became
8. arcade
9. education
10. glacier
11. geography
12. region
13. direction
14. transportation
15. Midwest
16. landform

October Newsletter

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September 29

Oakwood Nature Center

We had an awesome field trip to the Oakwood Nature Center this week.  The students got to go canoeing, walk the trails by the river, eating lunch together and learn about Michigan and French history.

Here are some pictures to enjoy 🙂

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September 29

PBIS Celebration

PBIS Celebration!

Dear Families,


On Monday, October 2nd we will be having our first PBIS celebration of the year. This celebration is to recognize your child’s positive behavior for the month of September. Our theme will be Float, Fly, Glide! This event will take place outside, so let’s hope the weather stays pleasant!


Be sure to check the weather forecast and make sure your child is dressed appropriately, students will be outside for 45 minutes.  


Thank you,

Haigh PBIS Committee

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September 25

Spelling Words & Class News

Happy Monday!  Below are the Spelling Words for the week and if you click on the link you can view the Newsletter sent home today.

Spelling Word List

short vowels (i and o)












Content Area Words:                                 






September Newsletter


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September 21

Headphones & Binders

Good Afternoon Parents!

This year we will be moving toward a more web-based type of classroom 🙂  The students use various websites throughout the day for Reading and Math and will be submitting work, watching videos, and reading articles through Google Classroom beginning next week.  We will also be trying something new for Spelling and Reading through iLearn, which is an AWESOME web-based learning program in which students can do work and tests at school or at home.

Due to the students being on the chrome book for a good chunk of the day, I’m asking for them to bring in their own set of headphones. This is just a recommendation.  I do have a few available in my classroom if someone is not able to bring their own in.  But for the sake of germs, etc; I feel it’s best for them to have their own kept in desk.

Also, we will be organizing our Writing into genres (Narrative, Opinion, and Informational) along with storing resources, blue prints, drafts, etc. I feel like having a binder would be the best route for each student to keep organized and would be big enough for all the writing we will be doing throughout the year.  Again, it is just a recommendation.  If they can’t or don’t bring one in, I will be sure to provide them one.


Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Izbicki

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September 20


Hi Parents!

I’m sending home a sheet that gives step by step directions to sign up for important updates from me, using the App-Remind.  I’m also attaching the link here (in case the form doesn’t make it home).

Looking forward another way to communicate with you all!


Thanks, Mrs. Izbicki

Invite for Remind

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September 18

4th Grade Meet and Greet

Good Afternoon Parents!

It was so nice to meet and get to talk with most of you at the Open House last week, thank you for taking the time to come!

For those parents who did not have the chance to come, or for those who would like another chance to meet the 4th grade teachers and ask any questions that you may have, we are holding a Meet and Greet this Wednesday. We will discuss curriculum, procedures, and rotations among the 4th grade.  This will be held before school at 8am, in Room 1.  We hope you can make it 🙂


4th Grade Teachers

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