Homework – September 13, 2017

7th Grade: Complete the 2-3 sentence summaries about Chapter 1, Sections 1.1-1.6 and 1.9 using the digital version of the textbook located under 7th Grade – Classroom Materials and Resources.


8th Grade: Finish answering the 7 questions from Chapter 3 using the digital version of the textbook located under 8th Grade – Classroom Materials and Resources.

1.How many British colonies were there and what were the three regions they were divided into?

2.What is a cash crop in your own words?

3.Briefly describe the system of government in the colonies.

4.What was the primary reason colonists in the New England colonies came to America?

5.Which Middle colony became the first democracy in America?

6.What three groups of people did colonists in the Southern colonies use for labor on their plantations?

7.Choose one person in “A Colonial Cast of Characters.” In 3-4 sentences, explain what their experience shows you about life in the colonies. Use details from the text.

First Week Reminders

Just a few reminders as we get back into the swing of things:

The syllabus will be handed out on Friday, September 8 and will need to be signed and returned by Friday, September 15.

Student emergency contact forms should be filled out and returned to your advisory teacher by Friday, September 8.

Sing up for Remind in order to stay up to date with class announcements.

  • 7th Grade: Text “@elamri7” to 81010
  • 8th Grade: Text “@elamri8” to 81010

Hello and Welcome!


Nice to meet you! I’m Ms. Elamri!

About Me: My name is Regina Elamri and I will be your child’s social studies teacher this year. This is my fifth year teaching but my first year at McCollough-Unis and I can’t wait!

Education: Wayne State University, Bachelors in Secondary Education. University of Detroit Mercy, Masters in Educational Leadership (expected December 2017)

Favorites: Food: Ice Cream. Color: Grey. Animal: Cats. Book: The Little Prince. Season: Fall. Subject: U.S. History. Snack: Hummus. Historical Figure: George Washington.

Contact: Email: elamrir@dearbornschools.org   Remind: Text “elamri7” to 81010