Final Exam Study Guide

Passed out in class but here it is again, just in case: Study Guide Final Exam  Happy Studying!

Announcements: Your notecard must be picked up by YOU or YOUR PARENT/GUARDIAN TODAY and turned in tomorrow by 2:20 pm.  You must use the one I provide, so make sure to come get it!

Textbooks were due today!  If you didn’t turn it in, bring it in ASAP tomorrow.  Delinquent textbook forms will be given to Ms. Eden tomorrow afternoon, which means you’ll have to wait in a really long line to turn in the book or pay for it.  TURN IN YOUR BOOK, please!

Review Packet Answer Keys

Answer keys are posted here.  The scanner wasn’t a fan of some of the handwriting or paper, so this is the best we could do.  Sometimes things are repeated because of file size, but if you look through the parts listed for your hour, you should find what you’re looking for.  If you can’t find or can’t read something, contact the person who made that part of the review OR the originals of the answer keys will be on the counter in the front of the classroom – feel free to look before, at an appropriate time during, or after class.

1st hour: 1st hour Part 1 Key 1st hour Part 2 Key 1st hour Part 3 Key 1st hour Part 4 Key

2nd hour: 2nd hour Part 1 Key 2nd hour Part 2 Key

5th hour: 5th hour Key

6th hour: 6th hour Part 1 Key 6th hour Part 2 Key 6th hour Part 3 Key 6th hour Part 4 Key

Happy studying!  Let me know if you have any questions.

June 7th, 2017

Quiz on complex numbers tomorrow!

Review presentations are Friday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Pick up your notecard from me on Monday.  They’re due by 2:20 pm on Tuesday.  The student or his/her parent/guardian MUST pick up the notecard on Monday IN PERSON.

Textbooks are due Friday or Monday – your choice.

June 6th, 2017

Answer keys for several assignments are here:

Assignment from the sub: 0601 Multiplying and Dividing Complex Numbers Key

Review from class today: Complex Numbers Review Key

Quiz on Thursday on the following things (more thorough list made in class in 1st and 2nd hours):

– Standard and trig form of complex numbers

– Graphing complex numbers

– Multiplying and dividing in trig and standard form

– Powers of complex numbers

May 30th, 2017


Last day for quiz retakes and makeups is TODAY!

Chapter 5 test retake is THURSDAY after school.  You must email me by tomorrow (3/31) at 2:15 to reserve your spot for the retake.  In the email, you must also specify which part of the test you’d like to take (multiple choice or free response).  No email = no copied test = no retake.  If you have a conflict, email TODAY!

May 24th, 2017

On your quiz tomorrow:

– Graphing polar coordinates

– Converting polar coordinates to rectangular and rectangular to polar (degrees and radians, calculator and exact values)

– Converting polar equations to rectangular equations and vice versa

– Finding distance using polar coordinates

Seniors Study Guide

Is here: Seniors Final Exam Study Guide

May 23rd, 2017

Today, we converted polar equations to rectangular equations and the other way around.  Worksheet available in class, answer key here: 0523 Converting Polar Equations Worksheet Key.  If you’re having a tough time, check out this video explanation.

Seniors, I need textbooks tomorrow!  Juniors (etc.) quiz Thursday.  Seniors have final exam on Wednesday (5th and 6th hours) and Thursday (1st and 2nd hours).

HW (due Thursday): p. 492 #1-2, 7-12, 15-18, 23-25, 51

MASC Trip Info

Research Questions

Responsibilities of each group

Data from past years

Study Design Worksheet

Food survey

Info Playlist (courtesy of Mr. McCarter)

May 12th, 2017

Law of Cosines today! Proving and using.  Check out the Khan Academy videos and practice problems on the Law of Cosines.

Test on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Study guide is here: Study Guide Chapter 5 Test.

HW (due Monday): p. 448 #1-6, 17-20, 35-38, 52

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