September 22

Week of Sept 18th, 2017

We had a good week of learning this week. Some of us still need to be reminded of the classroom rules and how to be nice to others and also how to not talk when the teacher does.

We completed our NWEA testing in the Lang. section of the test and some are still testing for Reading with Mr. Trerice, but should be finished by early next week. This week  we learned about story elements and the five parts of a plot. We have been learning how to read to self for a longer period of time.

Next week, we will be starting our Daily 3 rotations including read to self, word work, and writing. I will also be giving a district pre -writing assessment on argumentative writing. Then we will be working on how to write an argumentative essay.  I asked the students to please bring in a two pocket folder with some lined paper in it to keep in our room for our Daily 3 rotations.  Please make sure your child is reading at least 30 minutes a night.

If you could send in some Kleenex and some glue sticks for our classroom, that would be wonderful.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Dear

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September 15

Week of Sept 11, 2017

We had a  great first week of school. We are still learning our classroom  and the schools’ procedures and expectations, some students more than others. We visited the library to get our good fit book. We learned about story elements , and will be learning more next week such as plot and theme,  and we will be writing our first argumentative essay. We will also be taking the NWEA test in Reading and Language Arts this will help us also  determine our Reading Lexile  score so that we can pick our good fit books more easily.  We are also learning to work together as a community of learners. I cannot wait for next week. Students should be reading at least 20-30 minutes every night to help build their vocabulary as well as their stamina and comprehension.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Illustration of Kids Reading Different Books

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September 8

Great First Week of School

We had a great first week of school in my classroom. We learned a lot our school polices as well as our classroom rules and expectations. We did some ice breaker activities and learned about our classmates and are working on becoming a community of learners. We learned how to use proper etiquette, the 5 Ps, who we are as Vikings and what we stand for, how we are good Samaritans.  We also learned over and over again to always bring a positive attitude and a smile to not only my classroom, but to school in general. I am so excited to getting to get to know all of my students this year. I am still learning names, but I will learn them all soon.

Reminder: Please make sure to bring in your composition book, a folder with lined paper,  and a one-subject notebook. Please don’t forget to bring in the half sheet of paper signed by your parents to show that you went over my syllabus.

Next week, we will be going to the library to check out our good fit book and will start on Daily 3, “Read to Self” to build stamina.  We will start getting setting up our interactive notebooks too.

Have a great weekend!!

Mrs. Dear

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