Good Bye Preschoolers

It is the end of the year, and wow did it go by fast!   We have all grown and learned so much, I know it’s hard to say good bye but I look forward as will you to see all the wonderful things that are in store for your children next year.  It has been a great pleasure of Mrs. Saab and I to be part of your child’s education, we hope you have a fun summer and and even better start at Geer Park in September.



We had a great day at the Trike-A-Thon.  First, we learned about bicycle safety and got a coloring book to take home to remind us of the rules.

  1. Always wear your helmet.
  2. Never ride in the street.
  3. Always be careful near driveways.
  4. Always watch where you’re going.

Second, we got to practice what we learned by riding bicycles at school.  It was a great time.

Lastly, we enjoyed a refreshing Popsicle after our ride.

Don’t forget to practice bicycle safety at home too!


Fire Station and Park Field Trip

We had a great time visiting at our local Fire Station and Park.  Check it out!

Spring is Here

Spring is finally here!  We got to enjoy some of the warmer weather but not without getting a little bit of rain.  We began the week by talking about things we are seeing outside now that the weather has changed.  Students listed: birds, worms, snakes, frogs, bunnies, sun, rainbows, and rain.

We decided to spring into learning about bunnies this week and we had a hopping good time!  We listened to several books about bunnies, learned some bunny songs, made bunny hats to wear, and made a soft bunny to take home. Check out the list below.



It’s Not East Being a Bunny

Guess How much I love You



Little Bunny Foo Foo

Do Your Ears Hang Low






Critter Guy

We had a fantastic visitor; the Critter Guy came to our classroom and brought many animals that we got to see, touch, and even hold.    We learned a lot about how they live in nature, how they use their senses, how they move, and what they might eat.  Check out the cool tree frog, salamander, blue tongue lizard, bird, and a chinchilla.

March is Reading Month

Our students have grown to love everything about books: the beautiful pictures, finding familiar letters, making up our own stories and best of all listening to someone read to us.  We have been lucky this month to have several visitors come into our classroom and read us books.  We also wanted to know how much you enjoy books at home, so we asked students to send in a “fish form” for every book you have read at home.  Great job so far, keep it up and we always welcome more visitors in class!



Outdoor Adventure Center Field Trip

Our field trip was a success!  Students and parents had a great time at the Outdoor Adventure Center exploring animals and activities we have in Michigan.  We tried it all from camping, fishing, biking, snowmobiling to kayaking.  Take a look at the fun we captured.

“Snow” Much Fun

We had “SNOW” much fun touching, rolling, laying, and playing in the snow!

Grinch Day

The Grinch is a grumpy man who doesn’t like to have any fun; no decorations, no singing, no presents, no food!  We talked about why the Grinch may be grumpy, we even unfroze his heart to warm him up.  We wrote about ways to make the Grinch smile, like tickling him, giving him presents, or playing with him.  At the end of the day we enjoyed some green juice and popcorn while we watched the Grinch movie. The Grinch changed his mind, he heard the people singing then decided having fun and sharing joy with others was a good thing.  So the Grinch smiled after all!!!

Gingerbread Men

Today we had a great time coloring gingerbread men, making gingerbread play dough, baking gingerbread cookies, and listening to The Gingerbread Man story.

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