Jun 14

Study Guide

  • I checked the study guide 3 times.
  • Check your gradebook
  • If you have full credit on all 3 checks you do not need to turn it in the day of the final.
  • If you are making up any part of the study guide, you have to write a note next to that part for me to recheck it.
  • Otherwise I cannot recheck it for you
Jun 06

Finals around the corner!

Quick info and update:

  • Your final is 40 questions
  • 18 questions calculator NOT allowed
  • 22 questions calculator allowed
  • you will have 90 min to answer all 40 questions (about 2 min per question)
  • you can create a 3*5 note card with formulas/notes
  • Worked problems are NOT allowed on the note card
  • All note cards will be collected Monday 06/12/2017
  • The full study guide is due the day of the final along with your content and bellwork INB
  • Here is an update of study guide and schedule of your final exam