Oct 12

Today’s class: Thursday 10/12

  • No bellwork for today
  • Students took a quiz for half of the hour: solving a quadratic equation using 3 methods: x method, quadratic formula, graphing.
  • If you missed today’s quiz you have to come after school next week Tue Wed or Thu for make up.
  • The rest of the time, students worked in their groups on worksheet 11 to solve non linear systems of equations by graphing.
  • Homework complete worksheet 11 front and back
  • Solve the back bu substitution.
  • You can check your work by graphing it on Desmos and here is the link https://www.desmos.com/calculator
Oct 10

Today’s Class: Tuesday 10/10

  • Bellwork Solving a quadratic equation using 3 different methods: Quadratic Formula, X method and by graphing. All 3 solutions should give you the same result (same solutions)
  • .BW Tue 10-10
  • We started a foldable on how to solve a system of non linear equations and we completed 2 sections of the foldable: the overview and solve by graphing.
  • Nonlinearsystemsfoldable key
  • Homework: Review the past 2 days bellwork problems and the foldable notes on p9
Oct 05

Today’s class

  • Bellwork BW Thu 10-05
  • For 2 days, we have been working on SAT problems as a jigsaw group activity where every group was assigned one problem, they worked on it, then they had to compare it with another group who had the same one and discuss their answers.
  • Then each group rotated and had the following questions until all groups did all 3 problems and here are some pictures of students’ work.
  • At the end, we put white boards under the document camera and had class discussions about those problems.
Oct 03

Today’s Class

  • Today students took the systems quiz
  • They had to turn in corrections of ws#4 and ws#6
  • They also had to turn in their bellwork composition book for the first check
  • Homework Khan academy assigned task. Show your work on loose leaf
  • If you missed today quiz come for make up after school tomorrow or Thursday at most
Oct 02

Tomorrow’ Quiz

  • I can solve a system of equations by substitution
  • I can solve a system of equations by elimination
  • I can solve a system of equations by graphing
  • I can translate a word problem and solve the corresponding system of equations
  • I can factor and solve a quadratic using the x method
  • Review INB p 1 through 6
  • Review worksheets system tabs (ws#1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
  • Review worksheets bellwork tab (ws#1,2,3)
  • Review math should be by doing not by reading, you are supposed to redo about 2 or more problems from each worksheet
  • You are also supposed to have corrections of the word problem (ws#6) worksheet as well as the sub/elim ws# 4 and ws#5
  • All corrections should be done in colored pen
  • 4-jigsaw key_front (1)
  • 4-jigsaw key_front (2)
  • 3-Subs Elim practice KEY
  • 5- Systems of Equations Story Problems keyp1
  • 5- Systems of Equations Story Problems keyp2