November 18

Science Test

Our Science test about Landforms will be on Monday, November 23.

Students are bringing home (today) a few worksheets and a Landform Book that they did, as well as a copy of the attached vocabulary words, to use to study for their test.  A formal study guide will not be sent home.

November 16

Thanksgiving Break Science Project

Instead of a packet for homework over Thanksgiving Break, I am sending home a hands-on activity for your child to complete.

Students are asked to design a 3-D representation of a landform and body of water. This project should show at least 1 landform and 1 body of water.

It is expected that students will create their project using materials like clay, shoeboxes, pipe cleaners, and/or colored construction paper…pretty much any materials that can be found laying around the house or can be purchased at the dollar store.

Please see the attached paper that went home with your child on Monday, November 16 for more details.  Landform Project


November 16

Spelling Week of November 16


This week’s spelling words will have the long i pattern (i, y, ie).  

Pattern Words:  try, pie, cry, tie, wild

Dolch Words:  south, west, father, mother, north

Please remember that there will be an additional 5 pattern words on Friday’s test!

November 12

PTA Book Fair

William Ford PTA Book Fair will be held Monday (11/16/15) through Wednesday (11/18/15) during school hours.  Pricing for items will start at $1.00.

Our class will be shopping on Tuesday, November 17.  If you would like your child to shop on this day, please send money with him/her.

The Book Fair will also be open during conferences on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 so that parents who wish to shop may do so.

If you are available to volunteer your time to help out during the sale, please sign in at the office.  Thank you for supporting the PTA!!!

November 9

Spelling Week of November 9

This week’s spelling words are vowel pairs – ai, ay (wait, way).  Remember….when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking!

Pattern Words:  main, sail, jay, stay, may

Dolch Words:  sleep, buy, call,  gave, upon

Please remember that there will be an additional 5 pattern words on Friday’s Test.

November 6

Fall Conference Schedule

Fall is in the air and today is the last day of the first cardmarking…which can only mean one thing….CONFERENCES!!!  YAY!

I am sending home letters identifying your day/time that was chosen previously at Open House (in September).  Those who did not attend Open House were just assigned days and times that I still had available.

Please check the list and mark your calendars!  First scheduled day is next week!!!          Burkholder Fall Conference List

November 2

Spelling Week of November 2

This week’s spelling words have consonant blends (sl_, sk_, st_, sp_)

Pattern Words: slide, skin, skip, step, spell

Dolch Words:  made, many, right, found, pull

Please remember that there will be an additional 5 pattern words on Friday’s test!

October 28

Lice Note Going Home Today!

As a precautionary measure, a note regarding lice is going home with our class today.

While lice has not been found/spotted on anyone in our classroom, there was a incident where someone in our classroom was in contact with another person who had it.  This is just to inform everyone to be on the lookout and to check your child/children daily for the next week (for nits and/or actual bugs) to make sure we don’t end up with lice spreading through our classroom and/or school.

Thank you for assistance in watching out for one another!

October 26

Spelling Week of October 26


This week’s spelling words have the CVC u_e and CVC u pattern.

Pattern Words: cut, cute, tube, jump, cub

Dolch Words:  write, your, use, red, yellow

Please remember that there will be an additional 5 pattern words on Friday’s test!