April 25

Spelling Week of April 25

This week’s spelling words have the -ore and -oar pattern.

Pattern Words:  chore, board, wore, roar, snore

Dolch Words:  more, galore, soar, shore, store

Please remember that there will be 5 additional pattern words on Friday’s test!

April 19

Tissues Needed

As spring allergies begin flaring up, we have a lot of sniffling and sneezing happening in the classroom.  If you could spare a box or two of tissues to donate to our classroom, it would be greatly appreciated (by your child and their nose).  :)

Thank you!

April 19

Plants Needed!

In science, we are studying plants.  I am looking for a couple donations from families that would make this unit much more exciting for your child.   Also, if anyone has any connections to florists, please contact me.  burkhos@dearbornschools.org

  • 2 large hanging baskets of flowers (Home Depot and Lowes usually have these cheap – $6-10). I’m not picky about the type of flowers in them.
  • 5-7 large green (or red) peppers

I would really like to have these items by Thursday or Friday this week (April 21-22), if at all possible.

Thank you for your help!!!!

April 18

Spelling Week of 4/16/16

This week’s spelling have either -eer, -ere, or -ear in the word.

Pattern Words:  near, deer, where, gear, peer, clear

Academic Words:  hundreds, tens, ones, thousands

There will be an additional 5 words on Friday’s test.

April 4

Spelling Week of 4/4/16

Spelling Words Week of 4/4/16

Ending sounds:  -ge, -dge, -rge, -nge, -lge

Pattern Words: cage, indulge, range, large, pledge
Dolch Words: something, long, bug, great, change
Please remember that there will be an additional 5 pattern words on Friday’s Test.

March 14

Spelling Week of March 14

This week’s spelling words have silent consonants – kn, wr, mb, bt, and gn.

Pattern Words:  knee, write, gnaw, lamb, doubt

Dolch Words:  kind, just, drink, different, clock

There will be 5 additional pattern words on Friday’s Test!

March 2

Stone Soup Exploration Day!

Today, we read various versions of the folktale Stone Soup.  We compared and contrasted the stories using Venn Diagrams.  Then, we created our own version of Stone Soup by bringing in snack items.

After all that reading, we moved into science exploration by learning about mixtures.  We learned that when we are able to combine things and then return them to their original state (separating the materials), it is a mixture.

For math, we sorted and counted all the items in our Stone Soup, then we graphed them using the Chromebooks!  Ask me to sign into my Google Classroom at home to show you my graph!

Please visit our Photos  page to see us hard at work!

February 29

Homework for Science

This week, we will be learning about mixtures and solutions.  As part of your child’s homework, I ask that everyone bring a ziploc baggie full of a snack item that can be mixed and easily separated.  This could include (but not limit you to):

  • cereal
  • cheeze-its
  • crackers
  • popcorn
  • small candies (m&m’s, skittles)

All baggies are due no later than Wednesday, March 2 — We will completing the activity on that day.

February 25

Pajama Day Friday

I hope your are all warm and cozy on your snow day!

Tomorrow is a PBIS pajama day…..for $1, students are allowed to wear their pajamas to school.  Money raised will go towards restocking our PBIS Falcon Wing Store.


Also, just a reminder….spelling test and mad minute tests tomorrow!