Science Test Thursday!!!!


For the past month or so we have been studying various landforms.  We did numerous assignments and activities in class that will assist your child in studying for the test.  These papers will be coming home today with your child to aid in studying.  I have also included copies of the work that I did under “science” in the curriculum tab at the top of the blog because I know that some students may have answers wrong on their papers or the papers may be difficult to read.

Students must know the following for Thursday’s test:

– definition of all the landforms

– definition of all the bodies of water

– know how water travels from a lake to the ocean

– be able to draw a detailed picture of 2 landforms and name them

– be able to tell two facts about each landform drawn

The definitions will be multiple choice questions and the short answer portion will be regarding facts and pictures.


Halloween Information


On Friday, October 31, 2014, we will be having a Halloween Party.  Students are allowed to come to school in costume with makeup but no props or masks.

Students are encouraged to dress in costume for our 1:00pm parade.  Parents are welcome to attend the parade if the weather is cooperative and we are able to go outside – if it is raining, the parade will be inside and there will not be a viewing area for parents.

We will be having a classroom party 2:30-3:30.  If you would like to send an item in with your child, please comment on this post (click the little skull to the right of the post’s title) with your child’s name and what you are sending with them.  While everyone loves some “sweet treats”, please also consider some healthier alternatives such as fruit and veggies as well.  We also have a student with celiac’s disease and I ask that if you are are sending in candy that you try to choose something from the following link so that that child may enjoy treats as well.  Gluten-Free Candy List


Mad Minute Tests


Today will be our introduction to Mad Minute Math.

Students will be given 1 minute to try and complete 30 math problems.  We will be beginning with addition and as they progress each week, they will begin to do subtraction.  Each week that they receive 90% or higher (27 out of 30 correct), they will move up to the next level that is indicated on our classroom chart.  Upon the end of the year, I would love to see all of the students be working on multiplication and division (but we have plenty of time to get there  :) ).

This type of test/exercise will help students begin to memorize their addition and subtraction facts rather than students having to use their fingers to count.  The best way to “study” for these “tests” is to allow your child to go onto regularly.  Another great resource is flash cards which can be purchased at Dollar Tree.

Mad Minute will be done each Friday, right after the Spelling Test!

Field Trip Information


Please remember to pack a bag lunch (drinks – no glass, utensils, napkins included) and to dress for the weather.  We will be outside the entire time and it has been windy, rainy, and chilly these past few days.  If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this post by clicking the little skull to the right of the post’s title.

Also, please send your child’s backpack to school with them tomorrow….they will need it to carry their apples and pumpkin home!

Chaperones — Please be at school, signed in at the office, and in the classroom ready for teacher last-minute instruction no later than 8:50am.  We will be boarding the bus at 9:00.  Parents will be given a map to Erwin’s Orchard.  They are welcome to follow the busses (and carpooling is recommended), but as previously stated on the permission slip, no parents are permitted to ride the bus due to the large number of second grade students.

I look forward to a fun and exciting field trip!!!!!

PTA Back to School Night


Flyers went home last week informing parents of a Back to School Night….well, tonights the night!!!  This event is free to PTA-registered members or $2 for non-members.  Students will participate in arts and crafts as well as other activities.  Food will be available to purchase.  All students will receive a “goody bag” with school supplies in it.  We look forward to seeing everyone tonight – Tuesday, September 30, 2014, 4:30p-6:00p!!