February 3

Valentine’s Day

A note is going home today with the following message:

We will be having an ICE CREAM SUNDAE PARTY on Thursday, February 11, 2016, as part of our Valentine’s Day festivities. I am looking for donations of the following items for our party:

  • sprinkles
  • plastic spoons
  • whipped cream
  • small ice cream cups
  • hershey’s chocolate syrup
  • maraschino cherries

Students are also encouraged to purchase (or make) valentine cards for students in our class. Please make sure that there are enough cards (21 minimum) for EVERYONE in the classroom so that feeling will not be hurt. A class list was included on the back of this paper so that cards may be personalized.   class list

February 2

Spelling Week of February 1

Spelling Week of February 1  —  Vowel Pairs  oo, ou

Pattern Words:  shook, soot, could, should, crook

Dolch Words:  took, look, nook, book, good

Please remember that there will be an addition 5 pattern words on Friday’s test!

January 12

Spelling Week of January 11

This week’s spelling words are three letter blends – scr, str, spr.

Pattern Words:  screen, stripe, sprain, struck, spruce

Dolch Words:  strong, street, spread, weather, square

Please remember that there will be an addition 5 pattern words on Friday’s test!

January 7

Hats for Haiti

Tomorrow, William Ford Elementary will be having a fundraiser called “Hats for Haiti”.  For $1.00, students will be allowed to wear their favorite hat in school.  All proceeds will be donated to the building of new schools in Haiti.

January 4

Spelling Week of January 4th

Spelling Words Week of 1-4-16      Ending Digraphs th, sh, ch, 

Pattern Words:  each, which, match, dish, with

Dolch Words:  who, child, catch, three, earth

Please remember that there will be an additional 5 pattern words on Friday’s Test.

December 17

Holiday Break Homework

Mrs. Burkholder’s Class Holiday Break Homework

Reading Homework:

  • Safari Magazine, Trade Book, and worksheet(s) to go with them.
  • Visit the following websites:
    • Moby Max
    • Raz Kids
    • Bookflix (go in through Dearborn Public Library website)

Math Homework:

  • Visit the following websites:
    • Moby Max
    • Xtra Math
  • Practice math facts (1-digit, 2-digit, 3-digit addition and subtraction)

Social Studies:

  • Map Project (due Monday, January 4, 2016)

Here is a copy of the note that came home.  Holiday Break Homework

Here is a copy of the paper explaining the Map Project that also was sent home.  Constructing a Map Second Grade Activity (2)

December 10

Holiday Party on December 18th

During our party, we will be enjoying a “cookies and milk party” as we watch a delightful holiday movie.  Prior to the festivities, we will be making our own festive trees.  Any of the following items would greatly be accepted as a donation for our party.

5 – packages of cookies (a variety needed – chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal, and/or shortbread are all fine)

2 – boxes of sugar cones (triangular ice cream cones)

5 – containers of frosting (green preferred)

5 – containers of sprinkles (mixture of colors are fine)

1 – large bag of M&M’s

1 – large  bag of skittles (or other small candies)

1 – large bag of twizzler pull and peels

1 – large bag of starlight peppermints (round, red and white)

1 – box of non-serrated plastic knives (24 count minimum)

1 – package of paper plates

1 – package of “divided plates” (paper or Styrofoam are fine)

1 – box gallon size Ziploc baggies

1 – box sandwich size Ziploc baggies

We are asking that if you cannot donate any of the above items that you please send in $1.00 to assist in purchasing the milk and other miscellaneous items for decorating our trees.