September 9

Second Grade Parent Meeting

The Second Grade Parent Meeting will be held at the start of Open House – Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 4:30pm.  The meeting will be approximately 15 minutes long, then the families will be released to visit the other classes in the building.

We will be covering classroom procedures, homework expectations, communication, and the second grade curriculum.

I look forward to seeing everyone in room 113 at 4:30pm on Thursday, September 18, 2014!!!!

September 4

Homework Planners

Great News — The student planners have arrived and we will begin using them today!!!!

The planner will include all activities for the day – lesson titles, specials, assemblies, and homework.  We will fill out the planner in the morning and review it at the end of the day by placing a check mark next to the items we have completed.  Items that do not have a check mark will be your child’s homework.  Please note that assignments that are not completed in class will become your child’s homework in addition to the already specified homework.

Parents are expected to review the planner daily with their child and sign/date the bottom of the page stating that you have seen and reviewed it.

Due to previous years experiences, some parents may have difficulty reading their child’s handwriting.  While we will work on handwriting skills in the classroom, I am not a “miracle worker”.  Since this is the case, I have also decided to scan my copy of the planner to iBlog so that you may review any discrepancies.   Homework Planner

August 29

Welcome to Mrs. Burkholder’s Second Grade Blog!

I will update the site as often as possible, with a minimum of at least once a week.

Please make sure to subscribe to the site so that you will be e-mailed when updates are made.

Also, I am pleased to announce that I will be using the Remind101 iPhone app again this year — simply text:  @ccedf   to   (734) 666-0724   and I will text you with important information (field trips, tests, and school event reminders).  Please note that you cannot communicate with me via this text.  It is a one-way text that only I can send messages to you through.  All other communication should be done via email (, school phone number ((313) 827-6400), and/or in-person conferencing (by appointment only please).

I look forward to the upcoming school year with your child!