Math Packet

Students brought home a lengthy math “packet” of addition and subtraction (computation) problems.  I told students that I am not collecting these nor am I grading them…they are extra practice for home so that they will do well on Tuesday’s (May 26) test.  Please have your child complete some problems each night, go over them, and help them correct the problems if they get them wrong.  Make sure to focus on borrowing for subtraction – “If there is more on the floor, go next door, get ten more”.

Spelling Week of May 11

This week’s spelling words have the -ore or -oar pattern:

Pattern Words:  chore, roar, board, wore, store, snore

Academic Vocabulary Words:  characteristics, environment,

grow, storage, flowering, spring, summer, fall, winter


There will not be additional “unknown words” on this week’s test.

Spelling test 5-8 -15

Spelling List #27


Pattern Words:  -eer, -ere, -ear             

near, deer, where, gear, peer, clear


Academic Vocabulary

hundred, tens, ones, cycle,

minerals, fruit, vegetable, seed, flower,


Extra Credit


There will not be additional words on this week’s spelling test.  Please study both pattern words and academic vocabulary words.  Extra credit word is optional.

Field Trip Change of Plans

We have a slight change in plans for our May 8 Field Trip to the Fire Safety House….We are no longer going 9:30-11:30.  We were moved to the afternoon due to overbooking.  Our new time is 12:30-2:30.  Please let me know if this causes an issue for anyone.



Spelling Week of April 27

This week’s spelling words have the -are or -air patterns.

Pattern Words:  stare, dare, chair, rare, fair

Dolch Words:  learn, great, each, water, until

Content Area Words:  plant, stem, root, leaves, sunlight

There will not be extra pattern words this week due to the addition of content area words.

Field Trip Monday!!!!!!

just a reminder……

We have our field trip to U of M Nature Center on Monday.  Please dress for the weather (looks like rain)!  We will be outside ALL day.  Also, make sure to pack a lunch.

Spelling Week of April 13

This week’s spelling words have the “hard” and “soft” g and c sounds:

Pattern Words:  cent, cave, gym, girl, city

Dolch Words:  get, can’t crash, clock, green

Please remember that there will be an additional 5 pattern words on Friday’s test!

Spring Break

Spring Break Packets and reading homework are being sent home today.  Please check your child’s backpack to make sure they have it.  Each child received a packet of math work (yellow cover) and 2-3 books with an activity paper to go with it.  All packets are due Monday, April 13.

Spring Festivities

We spend the last 3 weeks reading Charlotte’s Web as part of our snack-time read aloud.  This Thursday (April 2), we will be watching Charlotte’s Web the movie (G-rated) as part of our Spring Festivities.  I am looking for a couple of families who could donate the following items:

– “Already popped” Popcorn (can be microwave, but please pop at home and send to school in the bag)

– Paper or Styrofoam bowls (minimum 23)

– Napkins

– Juice (minimum 23)

Please comment to this post if you can donate so that others know what we have or are missing.  Crossed off items are already being sent in.  Thank you ahead of time for contributing to our Spring Festivities!