Field Trip!

Just a reminder…

Tomorrow is our Field Trip to the Michigan Science Center.  Please remember to pack a bag lunch that has your child’s name (and my name) clearly written on it.

Concert Information

Just a reminder….

The Second Grade Concert will be tomorrow – Wednesday, March 25, 2015.  The concert begins at 2:30pm, but I highly recommend that you arrive a few minutes early to ensure that you get “prime seating”.  The concert will be in the cafeteria.

Spelling Week of March 23

This week’s spelling words have an a with a “schwa” (sounds like “ahhhh”):

Pattern Words:alone, again, agree, comma, idea

Dolch Words:  as, away, black, father, family

Please remember there will be an additional 5 pattern words on Friday’s test!


Spelling Week of March 16

This week’s spelling words have the oi and oy vowel pairs.

Pattern Words:  Oil, moist, toy, royal, broil

Dolch Words:  got, follow, two, stop, most

Please remember that there will be 5 additional pattern words on Friday’s test!

Spelling List – Week of March 9

This week’s spelling words have the ou and ow vowel pairs.

Pattern Words: clown, growl, round, crown, loud

Dolch Words:  enough, light, learn, move, now

Please remember that there will be an additional 5 pattern words on Friday’s test.

March is Reading Month

Throughout this month, the whole school will be participating in the following activities on Fridays:  Crazy Hair Day, Hat Day, Pajama Day, and Cultural Day.  Please see our classroom calendar for details as to what activity is each day.


I apologize for not updating the blog for the past week.  I have been having technical issues with it and they finally resolved the issue this morning.

Just a reminder….field trip permission slips and money are due by next week.  I am still looking for 1-2 more chaperones for both the Historical Museum (3-19-15) and Fire Safety House (5-8-15).  Please let me know if you are interested in attending.

Field Trips!!!!!

Like I mentioned earlier this month, permission slips are coming home today for our FOUR field trips which are between March and May.  The total amount is $20 for each student, and that covers all the trips.  Each permission slip has a number of chaperones listed on them.  That is the amount we have allotted for, for each class.  Chaperones who wish to attend the Science Center must drive themselves due to all 6 classes having to fit on the busses.  The other three trips have space for chaperones to ride on them.  I have also attached an electronic copy of the permission slips, in case they are misplaced.  All money and all permission slips are due no later than Friday, March 13, 2015.

Fire House Permission Slip

Historical Museum Permission Slip

Nature Center Permission Slip

Science Center Permission Slip

Mid Winter Break Assignment

Students brought home a book about an African American of their choice, as well as a paper explaining their assignment for over break.  Students are asked to use that book, the internet, and any other sources that are possible (maybe a trip to the public library would  be good over break????) to fill out the grid on the back of the instruction sheet.  This information that is researched will assist your child in writing a report for Black History Month when they return from break.  Thank you for your assistance with this portion of the report.    Break Assignment Information       Grid

Spelling Words Week of February 9

This week’s words have the vowel pairs oo, ue, ew, oe, ui.

Pattern Words:  root, chew, clue, canoe, fruit

Dolch Words:  again, almost, also, always, any

Please remember that there will be an additional 5 pattern words on Friday’s test.