Math measuring sheet to the nearest 1/4 inch.

Writing: If you are a turkey what other choices would tell people to have on their thanksgiving feast to convince them not to eat turkey.

List three reasons/choices of other food and why is it better than turkey. 

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Math: Measuring practice sheet (to the nearest inch and 1/2 inch.

Reading: at least 20 minutes and practice to their goal-ex. ask and answer questions, main idea, important events, etc.)

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Weekly Reminders/Objectives


Wednesday November 15: Late start and Parent Teacher Conferences

This week we will:

Reading: continue learning about different reading skills and concepts that help students become better readers and critical thinkers.  We will focus on different point of views, character’s traits (feelings), ask and answer questions as well as idioms, and similes.

Please help and monitor your child reading every night and practicing their goals (found in their planners).

Writing: continue opinion writing (should they ban fidget spinners in schools?)

Math: unit 3-focus on measuring to the nearest inch and 1/2 inch.  Then plot our data on a line plot and tally chart table.

Science: weather; what is weather?

Social studies: What is a historian and history? How do historian study the past? and what resources/clues do they use?

Spellingfound, cloud, pound, ground, sound, measure, inch, half, length, width 

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Complete the SPUNKI sheet students were supposed to do in class.

Math: Measuring to the nearest inch practice sheet.

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Weekly Reminders/ Objectives


Monday November 6: Beginning of Marking Period 2;

Tuesday November 7: NO School; Election Day

Thursday November 9: Parent Teacher Conferences; please sign up for parent teacher conference to discuss your child’s academic progress.

Friday November 10: Third Grade field trip to the firehouse; Permission slips will be sent home today.

This Week we Will:

Reading: continue implementing new cafe strategies along with our common core state standards.  Students need to work on building more stamina and completing class work efficiently.   This marking period will go back to reading literature and focus on retelling legends, literal and non literal meanings (such as idioms, simile…), ask and answer questions, predicting, as well as grammar and language usage.  ***It is important to check your child’s homework on the blog or if they have written in their planners.  Some students are coming with out completing their reading group homework.***

Writing: continue planning their opinion pieces and taking a stand.

Math: start measuring objects to the nearest inch, 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch.

Science: finish magnetism and start a new unit (weather and climate)

Social Studies: start new unit History of Michigan focusing on who is a historian? and the native Americans.

Spelling: students were told that they have to choose the writing sentences activity from the tic tac toe bingo (as a must; they should do it) then choose another 2.  

music, basic, honor, tiger, olive, legend, bravery, hero, accomplish, theme


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Math Test -unit 2; students have the study guide/pretest to study from.

Friday November 3: Half day; Dismissal @11:45 AM;please be on time.

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Math word problems and in-out and rule finder practice sheet.

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Weekly Objectives/Reminders


Tuesday October 31: Trunk or Treat;students can wear their costumes to school.  No masks or swords, sharp objects allowed.

Friday November 3: Half Day for students; dismissal @11:45 AM; End of the marking period.

It is important and mandatory to sign up for a parent teacher conference if you did not do so. Parent teacher conferences dates (by appointment):

Thursday November 9 (4-7 PM)

Wednesday November 15 (4-7 PM)

Thursday November 16 (4-7 PM)

This week we will:

Reading: continue learning and implementing different reading strategies aligned with common core standards such as informational text features, main idea, key details as well as language usage skills. 

It is important to practice their goals and finish reading homework (given during reading groups; some students are not completing at home).

Writing: Opinion writing

Math: wrapping up unit 2; Math test will be given on Thursday.

Science: static electricity and magnetism (wrapping up Forces and motion unit).

Social Studies: Human Environment interaction-starting unit 3

Spelling: button, bottle, rabbit, soccer, tunnel, opinion, reasons, purpose, support, organization

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More Burn Drive and Fire Fighter Presentation

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Social Studies Test; students should use their study guides/notes to review for the test.

Spelling Test

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