1. Math drill sheet

  2. Spelling Test

  3. Read for at least 30 minutes and check for understanding.

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Math: Elapsed time practice sheet.

Social Studies: Answer these two questions in your Social studies notebook:

  1. Where is your community located?

  2. How does it look like?

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Weekly Objectives/Reminders

This week we will:

Reading: continue to build stamina and refresh daily 5 components as well as cafe strategies. This week we will focus on veracious reading (genres: fables, poems, drama), check for understanding and asking questions, retelling, etc.  We are still working on establishing routines with minimal amount of talking.

***Please reinforce classroom expectations at home so we are all on the same page.

Writing: Continue narrative writing focusing on organization skills.

Math: tell time to the minute and elapsed time; I would like to ask parents to reinforce this concept at home as some students are still struggling by practicing using analog clock (ask your child what time is it now?)

Social Studies: Geography of Michigan; introducing the 5 themes of geography.

Science: Force and motion.

Spelling: short and long o:

poke, rock, mop, below, lock,  Michigan, city, region, state, community



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Math: addition practice sheet (2 digit and 3 digit practice sheets)

Open House is tomorrow Thursday September 14 @6 PM; Join us to learn more about our third grade classroom and more.  It is EXTREMELY important to attend this school event.  Thanks and remember we are a community of learners!

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Weekly Objectives/Reminders

This week we will:

Reading: continue building stamina in reading to self, work on writing, and word work as well as implementing cafe strategies to become better readers, writers and critical thinkers. We will also finish our beginning of the year NWEA testing session and start DRA.  Most of the students received books based on end of last year DRA reading. I would like to remind you to always encourage your child to read at least 25-30 minutes daily and check for understanding.

I would also like to share that third grade is a very important and critical grade as students are shifting from learning to read to read to learn phase which means they need to take ownership of their own learning and not forgetting the M-step and Read by Third grade new law.

Writing: start  learning about components of a good story (narrative) and start writing a piece with a good lead (grabber).

Math: start learning about telling time to the nearest minute, elapsed time, and solving word problems involving time.

Science: soon start motion and forces.

Social studies: Geography of Michigan.

Spelling (Long and Short i): bit, stick, ice, polite, kick, graph, elapsed, time, number, calculate.

*in addition to 5 cold words with the same spelling pattern (long and short i).


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Math subtraction facts; 

Spelling Test (long and short a);

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Welcome Back!

Hope you all enjoyed the summer break and ready for a new school year here at Oakman.

  • It was a great and productive first day of school; A blue Oakman folder was sent home with few forms to be signed (concussion, weapon, and volunteering forms) as well as the emergency card; please check all of the information on the emergency card and make the necessary changes (such as phone numbers and address).  In addition to that, a list of recommended supplies was also placed in the same folder.

  •  Beginning of the year letter is to be sent home tomorrow which will explain all classroom procedure, behavior plan, schedule, etc.. 

  • Please fill out the last part of the letter including your email and a working phone number to reach you in case of emergencies. 

  • Return all signed forms no later than Friday September 8; Feel free to reach me through emails or phone calls.

  • Open House is Thursday September 14 6-7 PM; please to attend and learn more about our classroom and third grade curriculum with latest updates.

  • Our first spelling test will be this Friday September 8; a list of words and a tic tac toe sheet were given to students to start practicing (using their notebooks).

  • Working together will ensure the best education for our children! Have a great year!

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3rd Grade Recommended Supply List

Third Grade Recommended Supply List 2017-2018:

Hope you all are enjoying the last few weeks of summer vacation.  

There are many materials and supplies we use on a daily basis and throughout the year as we continue to learn and grow. I recommend that you try to gather the supplies listed below.


  • 5  Subject Spiral Notebook 

  • Composition Notebooks-wide ruled (2 of them)

  • Pencils (No Mechanical)

  • Erasers and sharpeners

  • Colored pencils

  • Washable Markers

  • Scissors

  • 1” Binders (2 of them)

  • Glue sticks (3 of them)

  • Dry Erase Markers (1 set of 4)

  • Clip Board

  • 3×5 index cards

  • Ear-Buds (for student’s use during listen to reading)

  • Tissue Boxes (3 of them)

  • Loose Leaf Papers (3 of them)

  • Pocket Folders (5 of them)

  • Yellow Highlighters (2 of them)

  • Ziploc (gallon size, quart size)

  • 2 packs of post-it notes

  • Baby Wipes (2 of them)

  • Clorox Wipes (3 of them)

  • 1 Gallon Hand Sanitizer

  • pack of copy paper


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Hello Parents,

Summer reading and learning continues at home all summer long.Make visits to the local library. Make sure your children write daily after they read. Included here are the bookmarks you can ask your child questions from once they are finished reading a book.

You can get the Bridge Workbook we were selling at school from Barnes and Nobles. It is also available online. 

Also, you can go to these links and practice.

For  Khan Academy,  Moby Max, and My-On, go to “Clever.”  The children already know how but you can do it with them at home. 


***First log out of the previous user’s Google account ***


  1.   Go to the internet. Go to Google
  2.   Type in the Google box “dearbornschools.org
  3.   Click on the top right tab “Resources”
  4.   The tab drops and click on “For Students”
  5.   Go down to the far left side of screen and click on the big blue box that says “CLEVER”
  6.   Put in the child’s entire student number like this ***********@deabornschools.org for the first time you sign in. You can say to your child “put in your blue number” like the teacher does.
  7.   The password is the birthday. The year is first (4 digits), then the month (two digits), then the date (two digits) ALL TOGETHER with no slashes or spaces.

You can say to your child “put in your black number” like on your reading bag.

Example: 20100922

“كيفيةاستعمال موقع كلفر”

*** تأكد من عدم وجود مستخد اخرعلى الموقع ***


  1. انتقل إلى الإنترنت. اذهب الى غوغل
  2. اكتب في مربع غوغل “dearbornschools.org
  3. انقر على علامة التبويب العلوي الأيمن “الموارد”
  4. انقر على “للطلاب”
  5. اذهب الى الأسفل إلى أقصى الجانب الأيسر من الشاشة وانقر على المربع الأزرق الكبير الذي يقول “CLEVER
  6. ضع رقم الطالب بأكمله مثل هذا ***********@deabornschools.org للمرة الأولى لتسجيل الدخول. تستطيع أن تقول لطفلك “ضع الرقم الأزرق ” مثل ما تفعل المعلمة.
  7. كلمة السر هي عيد ميلاد الطالب. تسجل عل الشكل التالي: اربع ارقام للعام، رقمين للشهر، ورقمين لليوم. مثلاً اذا كان تاريخ الولادة 5 ايار 2007 يجب وضع الارقام بهذه الطريقة” 05052007″.

يمكنك أن تقول لطفلك “ضع رقمك الأسود” كما تفغل المعلة. مثال:

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Summer School Useful Links

Hope you all enjoyed a great year full of learning and looking forward to meet you again next year! The following  links are useful and  for your kids to practice reading and math skills as I will not give summer packets.  Since multiplication is the biggest focus in third grade, students will get multiplication flash cards to practice ; Encourage your child to spend sometime practicing (reasearch says that students loose 50% of their learning during summer time).

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