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Newsletter, June 9, 2017

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Friday, June9 2017
Gym on Friday-Please remember to wear tennis shoes and bendable clothes.
Please send in any book bag books and library books to return for the year FRIDAY SPELLING TESTS- Remember has good practice for spelling words under Ballnik. This was our last spelling test!
Thank-you for helping your child study for Unit 11 and signing the study guide that came home. Many students did well on the Unit 11 test.
FIELD TRIP- The Cranbrook Science Museum field trip is on June 12th. PLEASE REMEMBER TO SEND A LUNCH WITH YOUR CHILD ON MONDAY. THEY ALSO NEED A DRINK (NO POP PLEASE). Thank-you also for Hanan Alakrai’s mother and Ali Rammal’s father for volunteering to chaperone.

Science We are finishing up why plants are important to life.
Social Studies – Our last unit was, “How a citizen can affect a community”. There was a study guide on Wednesday and a Thursday test. Thank-you for studying with your child.
Reading- Read, Read, Read! Is your child reading at least 30 minutes each day? Ask them questions about their reading and encourage them to write down words that they do not know. Have you taken them to the library, lately? Please send back all library books and book bags that say Ballnik on them.
Spelling Words are finished for this year. Help your child keep writing words from books in a notebook to make a personal dictionary for reading. You go over the words that they need to learn.
PLEASE SEND IN CLASS TISSUES (thank-you )and PENCILS FOR YOUR CHILD, if you don’t already do so!
Congratulations to Rouqia Hammoud for being the past Star of the Week!
Congratulations to Hanan Alakrai for being the Star of the Week!

Thank-you for sending your wonderful child to school and helping them at home,
Mrs. Ballnik


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