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Study Guide For Chapter 5 Test After Thanksgiving Break

Here is the study guide with answers. Please study!!! Have a wonderful, restful, fun break! Study Guide Chapter 5 Answers

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Tonight’s Homework!

Study guide in Google Classroom is due by midnight tonight. It’s worth 100 points. It will not be accepted tomorrow…

Weekend Homework!

We started taking Cornell notes on the battles of Lexington and Concord in class.  Completed notes (connections and summary included)…

Tonight’s Homework!

Cornell Notes on pages 155-158.  We started taking notes together in class. Continue taking notes and make connections in the…

Chapter 5 Test After Break!!!

The votes are in!  Test on Chapter 5 (pages 140-161) will be after break on Tuesday,  November 28th.


Students have been working on posters in their groups over the past few days. Each poster is about an event…

Cornell Notes on Section 2 were due Monday

Make sure you turn in Cornell Notes.

Today’s Homework & Quiz Monday

HOMEWORK:  Read section two on pages 146-153. If you don’t have your book, here are the pages:   Cornell Notes Section…

Tonight’s Homework

If you did not complete what started in class, then please finish for homework.  You are to recreate the flow…

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