May 23

Week of May 22:

Monday, May 22:

The students who were present today worked on their Probability and Statistics Foldable in order to better prepare themselves for the Finals later this week.

Tuesday, May 23:

Today, students who were not in class yesterday scrambled to find someone’s foldable to copy, and then it was a scramble to finish both review packets.

Prob and Stats Review – Key

Trig Review – Key

Wednesday, 24:


We spent some time at the beginning of class reviewing key material and answering questions before diving into the final itself.

Thursday, May 25:


We spent some time at the beginning of class reviewing key material and answering questions before diving into the final itself.


Goodbye and good luck to all the seniors!

We’ll see you at graduation on June 16th!

Image result for waving goodbye

Friday, May 26:


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May 16

Week of May 15:

Monday, May 15:

Students got their last set of notes for the year as we began discussing how to actually graph a Sine or Cosine function. Specifically, we made it through our discussion of Sine today, and what that graph will look like.

Tuesday, May 16:

Today we dove back into those notes from yesterday, doing our best to tackle Cosine and noticing all of the many things which it had in common with Sine.

Graphing Trig – Notes

Wednesday, May 17:


Students were given most of the class to work on a 6 problem worksheet in order to practice their Trig Graphing skills. It was checked in by the end of the hour for points in an “all or nothing” grade based on how much effort had been put forth.

Students who were absent today will need to finish the worksheet and turn it in for their points.

Thursday, May 18:

Today we checked in our homework from yesterday. The answers can be found HERE. Then we finally finished off our Trig Foldable by filling in that last blank page with information about Graphing Trig:

Students were then graciously given the opportunity to begin working on the review for the first half of the review for the final: Trig Review

Friday, May 19:

Student Survey

Students got the chance to work on their Trig Review today during class and then we checked our answers, answering any questions we may have had along the way.

At the end of the hour, students were urged to pick up their Prob and Stats Review so that they could get started on it over the weekend.

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May 11

Week of May 8:

Monday, May 8:

Today we split the class into two groups by asking the students who needed more practice going through the Unit Circle and who was ready to move forward and begin using the Unit Circle.

Those who needed more practice with the Unit Circle hung out with Mrs. Barbier and go through a broken down version of the Circle, looking at each of the special right triangles by itself on the circle.

Those who dared move forward, got to hangout with Moylan in the back room, listen to some chill music, and work their way through a worksheet which applied the Unit Circle to find exact values of Sine and Cosine.

Tuesday, May 9:

Due to the fact that the seniors’ time at DHS is quickly coming to a close, we had to move on from the Unit Circle and began looking at Periodic Functions. We learned how to read the graphs to find their Cycles, Amplitudes, Axes, and Periods.

Cycles, Periods, Amplitude

Wednesday, May 10:

We finished discussing our notes from yesterday and then brought it all together on a practice worksheet.

Periodic Practice Worksheet

Periodic Practice Key p1 p2

Thursday, May 11:

Students still needed more practice applying everything we’d been learning for the last two weeks, so Barbier and Moylan came up with another practice review sheet to bring it all together.

Additional Angles Practice – Additional Angles Key

Periodic Function Practice – Periodic Functions Practice Key

Friday, May 12:

Students worked on individual review problems from the board, writing down their work and answers on a sheet of paper to turn in at the end of the hour. Barbier and Moylan then randomly selected students to come up to the board in order to show us how to get the answer.

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April 13

Week of April 10:

Monday, April 10:

Today was a very easy return from Spring Break as we did a little bell work and then spent the rest of the hour doing Test Reflections and Corrections for the Unit Test we took on March 29.

Tuesday, April 11:

SAT Testing

Wednesday, April 12:

ACT WorkKeys Testing

Thursday, April 13:

MSTEP Testing in the morning

Hours 4-6 starting at 11:05 – In order to get ourselves ready for our next unit, the students were given a vocabulary term which we will be seeing very regularly during our studies of Trigonometry and had to design Word Wall Posters about that term. The winning posters get hung on the wall for all to see.

Friday, April 14:


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March 27

Week of March 27:

Monday, March 27:

Today we spent the hour going through the review packet from last week, checking it in for points as well as checking our answers to make sure that we knew exactly what we were doing since these are going to be the same types of problems we will see on our UNIT TEST ON WEDNESDAY!

Prob and Stats Unit Review Key

Tuesday, March 28:

It’s our last day to review for our test tomorrow, so we took a practice version of the test and checked our answers. After checking our work, we reflected on what types of problems we might need to spend a little more time with before the real thing comes tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 29:


Thursday, March 30:

Today was a return to our roots as we revisited our Order of Operations skills. We demonstrated our superior mastery of these skills through an intense Team Challenge game in which the winners earned their extra credit.

Fantastic Work by:

Team Moylan – 2nd Hour

Team Genti – 4th Hour

Team Sprinkles – 5th Hour

Friday, March 31:

This Friday was meant to be a relaxed, fun, and chill day for those students who deigned to show up to class. We had a challenge with three levels; students started off at the Bronze level and worked their way up to the Gold level by finding the value of the variable.

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March 20

Week of March 20:

Monday, March 20:

Today was our first work day in class to make some headway on our project. We made sure that we BROUGHT A POSTER (!!!!!) so that we could get a great head start with all that data we’d collected over the weekend.

Tuesday, March 21:

Today is the last day we have in class to work on our project, so make sure that we are using our time wisely!

Wednesday, March 22:


After turning in our projects and doing bell work, we asked if there were any brave and excited students who wanted to share their masterpiece of a project with the class for a couple extra credit points. After those thrilling presentations, we passed out our Review Guide for the Unit Test next Wednesday, and spent the rest of the hour getting a head start on our review.

Remember! If you are not going to be in class next Wednesday for the test, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to schedule a time in advance to take your test!

Thursday, March 23:

Today was a day of fun and excitement as the class competed against each other in order to demonstrate their superiority in terms of Probability and Statistics. Top 5 winners in each class got extra credit for being amazing.

Friday, March 24:

To cap off the week, we got to sit back and work on our review packets and ask any questions we had. The Review Packet will be due at the beginning of class for points! Have it done!

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March 15

Week of March 13:

Monday, March 13:

Today was a thrilling wrap-up to our study of probability as students completed an OEFA in which they finished off a two-way table and created their own real-world questions based on the data. We then spent a few minutes looking through an example to decide how we were going to grade these before grading our peers’ work and giving them some feedback.

Tuesday, March 14:

Since we got so tired of just looking at long lists of data when we were talking about statistics, we decided that it was time to find different ways to organize our data. Specifically, we checked out the wonders of Dot Plots!

Wednesday, March 15:


After bell work, the students got to adventure around the room, gathering wild data sets and then organized them into amazing Dot Plots before finding the Mean, Median, Mode, Range, and Sample Space of each set.

Thursday, March 16:

Today marks the introduction of another new way to represent our data instead of that unwieldy list of numbers. This way is much cuter and far more adorable: Box and Whiskers

Friday, March 17:

We took a break from our statistics work in order to come back together as a classroom community by holding a restorative circle.

After we wrapped up our circle, we introduced our Prob and Stats Project which is due NEXT WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22.



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March 8

Week of March 6:

Monday, March 6:

We spent some time today finishing up our discussion of “Or Probability” in the notes and then passed out a worksheet to really practice our skills of figuring out which type of probability we were dealing with, and then working out the problem.

Conditional Probability Worksheet

Tuesday, March 7:

Today we ran through bell work and then spent most of the hour working through yesterday’s worksheet together, discussing why we picked each type of probability and how we set up each problem.

Then, we took a vote and decided to pass out the Conditional Probability Quiz Review sheet so that we could spend some time working through the problems together and ask questions.

Wednesday, March 8:

After bell work, we quickly went over our quiz review from yesterday and then dove right into our quiz about conditional probability.

Thursday, March 9:

Today, classmate was pitted against classmate in a brutal competition of wits and skill when it came to answering probability questions. We split the class into 2 even teams and the winning team in each hour scored themselves some extra credit.

Friday, March 10:


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March 1

Week of February 27:

Monday, February 27:

We shook off the dust of our wonderful mid-winter break by diving right back into one of our favorite topics: probability! This time, we were looking at Conditional Probability, which meant looking at a few probabilities together.

“What are the chances of A and B happening?!?”

These are the same notes which some students already got before we went on break, and so those students got to take another step forward by putting these skills to use on a worksheet.

Tuesday, February 28:

Today, Mr. Moylan was busy meditating beneath a beautiful waterfall, catching fish with his bare hands along with the other Algebra 2 teachers, so there was a substitute hanging out with the students and Mrs. Barbier.

The students all got the worksheet which only a select few received yesterday, and those who’d gotten it yesterday were supposed to teach and lead those who first laid eyes upon it today. Instead, Mrs. Barbier spent most of the hour walking small groups through the problems.

Wednesday, March 1:

Today marked Mr. Moylan’s valiant return to the classroom, finding himself remarkably zen after a day spent beneath the waterfall. Together, we all went over the worksheet from yesterday, breaking down the questions to more manageable pieces so that they weren’t as scary.

Thursday, March 2:


Friday, March 3:


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February 13

Week of February 13:

Monday, February 13:

Today we worked through a review/study guide for our quiz tomorrow. Students got to check their work with the answer keys posted to the board at the front of the classroom.

Tuesday, February 14:

Quiz Today!

Wednesday, February 15:

The class was offered a choice today: either they spend more time working on probability with Mrs. Barbier by working through a few more examples of theoretical and experimental probability OR they got a worksheet which introduced the next step of our probability work.

Students who were absent today need to choose two probability events which they can measure themselves, ask some probability questions and figure it out. These were turned in for a grade, so make sure that you make it up!

Probability Exploration

Thursday, February 16:

Based on the work from yesterday, students were again offered a choice: they could spend one last day working with Mrs. Barbier on conditional and experimental probability,OR take some notes with Mr. Moylan about the next unit: Conditional Probability.

Those who chose to move forward with Mr. Moylan are going to be be responsible for teaching and leading the rest of their classmates when we return from break.

Friday, February 17:

Today the students were given the chance to reflect on their quizzes and make corrections. They then stapled the reflections and corrections to the original quiz and turned it back in for some points.

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