November 17

Week of November 13:

Monday, November 13:

Students got started on their review for the unit test this Thursday with a couple of review handouts:

Graphing and Solving


Tuesday, November 14:

Today in class we spent the hour reviewing for our upcoming test by working through some practice graphing problems on our “whiteboards”.

Quadratics Test Review

Wednesday, November 15:

We spent today in class working on another review sheet to finish preparing students for the test tomorrow.

Test Review

Thursday, November 16:


Friday, November 17:

Student got to pick their groups and get started on our first real project of the semester: Shark Tank.

Students were given an equation to model the profit of their company’s product and have to apply what we’ve been doing in class to understand the implications of the equation on their real-world profit and pricing strategies. Groups have all day today and Monday to work on the projects before presenting to the rest of the class on Tuesday next week.

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November 8

Week of November 6:

Monday, November 6:

Students worked in small groups today to find all the important points of a quadratic and then graph them onto a poster. The posters were due at the end of the hour.

Students who were absent will need to see either Mr. Moylan or Mrs. Barbier to be given an equation and the requirements in order to make up the assignment.

Tuesday, November 7:

No School! Election Day!

Wednesday, November 8:

Students learned the last new piece of information before our test next Thursday (11/16), which was Solving Nonlinear Systems.

Thursday, November 9:

We spent the day finishing up our notes from yesterday and ensuring that we were actually understanding what we needed to do for each step of the process because this stuff is all fair game on next week’s test.

Friday, November 10:

In honor of it being Friday and Mrs. Barbier playing hooky, Mr. Moylan wanted an easy day. Students got to work together on a Nonlinear Systems Practice 1 worksheet which they then turned in for credit at the end of the hour. Mr. Moylan answered all the questions he could, and was happy to see that students working together to figure some things out as well.

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October 30

Week of October 30:

Monday, October 30:

In an effort to better prepare for our quiz tomorrow, students worked together in groups of 4 to master another Group Quiz. Anyone who was absent will be expected to complete the quiz themselves and turn it in for credit.

Group Quiz

Tuesday, October 31:

Quiz today! After bell work we dove into our quiz and knocked that out of the park. After the quiz, students picked up a worksheet which guided them through solving for the y-intercepts of their polynomials, adding a new step to our polynomial adventures.

Wednesday, November 1:

We spent the beginning of the hour talking about the worksheet students picked up after the quiz yesterday, telling us how to find those y-intercepts as opposed to the x-intercepts we had been finding recently. Then we spent the rest of the hour practicing those skills to make sure that we knew what we were doing.

Thursday, November 2:

After we were sure that we knew exactly how to find those easy, peasy y-intercepts after yesterday’s practice, Mr. Moylan and Mrs. Barbier introduced one new step, finding the vertex of our quadratics, and then showed the class how to apply all of these different elements to create a graph of our quadratic.

Friday, November 3:

We spent today practicing the two new concepts we’d introduced earlier this week, making sure that we understand exactly what is required for each step to unravel the mysteries of our polynomials.

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October 27

New Classroom Phone Policy!

Due to a wide array of struggles regarding cell phone use within the classroom, Mrs. Barbier and Mr. Moylan are instituting a new class policy. Every day at the beginning of class, students will place their phone in the numbered pouch of our “phone briefcase” which matches their technology number for class. At the end of class, students will be allowed to retrieve their phones.

Any student found to be ignoring the new classroom policy will experience two consequences: their phone will be immediately confiscated and taken down to the office; and they will be written up for insubordination.

Mr. Moylan and Mrs. Barbier firmly believe that this policy will help alleviate many of the classroom distractions and help the class focus as a whole.

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October 25

Week of October 23:

Monday, October 23:

As a warm welcome back from our weekend, students got to work together in small groups in order to continue demonstrating their dominance over factoring quadratics with a thrilling worksheet. The answers to the work were posted in the room so that students could check their answers to be sure that their mastery had not waned over those 2 days away from class.

Factoring Polynomials Practice – Key p1 p2

Tuesday, October 24:

Today, students joined Mr. Moylan for a thrilling new step in our journey through polynomials. Instead of just factoring our expressions, we can now solve them too! And as we discussed, solving polynomials means finding the point(s) where it would cross the x-axis on a graph.

Solving Polynomials Completed Notes

Wednesday, October 25:

Wednesday was another opportunity to continue working our way through solving a handful of our polynomials, making sure that our final answers were written as coordinate points.

Thursday, October 26:

Students spent today working together to tackle this wonderful Solving by Factoring Worksheet (being free to skip problem 9 since it is a bit different than the others we’ve been working on). If students did not finish the sheet during class, it is homework, to be checked in at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Students can check their work using the answer keys here: Front and Back

Friday, October 27:

After instituting our new classroom phone policy (see post for details), and checking over the work from yesterday, Mr. Moylan and Mrs. Barbier split the class into two groups to make them more manageable and to ensure that we could get to each person’s questions during our activity today. Students saw a variety of polynomials projected onto the board in their respective classroom and had to work their way through it. Student were free to collaborate with those around them in order to come up with their final answers.

This was just one of the steps to help us prepare for our QUIZ NEXT TUESDAY, 10/31.

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October 16

Week of October 16:

Monday, October 16:

After bell work, students were given plenty of time in class to work on a Solving Systems Test Review with partners and ask the teachers for some help.

Students must have at least half of the review completed by the beginning of class tomorrow when Mr. Moylan comes around to check it in!

Students can check their answers with the Test Review Key.

Tuesday, October 17:

Systems of Equations Unit Test today!

Retake for Families of Functions Test today after school! Begins at 2:20, ends at 3:00!

Wednesday, October 18:

Late Start Today! 1st hour begins at 8:20!

After getting our new seats at the beginning of the class, students spent the rest of the hour working their way through the Factoring Review worksheet they’d picked up after yesterday’s test. Anything that didn’t get finished in class was homework to be checked in at the beginning of class tomorrow!

Thursday, October 19:

After checking in the homework, Mr. Moylan introduced the next step in our factoring adventure: Factoring Quadrilaterals when a is not 1! We have to make sure that we’re following along each of those steps in our checklist so that we don’t accidentally forget anything!

Friday, October 20:

Pep Rally Today! All classes shortened by 10 minutes! Plan accordingly!


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October 10

Week of October 9:

Monday, October 9:

After another short chat with the class, regarding both their previous test and the upcoming test next week, Mrs. Barbier was kind enough to lead the students through another set of notes detailing a step-by-step guide to solving each of the three methods for solving systems of equations.

Students then had to complete at least two of the additional practice problems on their own. If they did not get them done during class, they were homework.

Systems Step-by-Step

Tuesday, October 10:

Today, while missing Mrs. Barbier terribly in her absence, the students went over some bell work and then spent the rest of the hour rotating through some six stations in order to continue practicing and honing their skills. A few of the stations had some resident experts (classmates who had demonstrated strong ability in using certain methods to solve systems) who would help out in explaining a handful of the problems on students’ worksheets.

Any students who were absent should still complete the Systems Stations worksheet and turn it in to get credit.

Wednesday, October 11:

Today, Mr. Moylan was busy with an all-day meeting, so Mrs. Barbier took point with the class as they worked their way through a “Group Quiz“. Each member of the group was the lead/writer for one of the four problems, but could get assistance from the other members.

Thursday, October 12:

Mr. Moylan was only present for 2nd hour and small slice of 4th hour today before being dragged away to another meeting. The students spent the time today discussing the answers and possible ways to solve each of the four problems from yesterday’s group quiz. Each person had a copy of their group’s quiz which they were meant to be correcting/checking during this time before returning it for credit.

Friday, October 13:

Mr. Moylan was again absent (it was a very hectic week, what can I say) and Mrs. Barbier came up with a review/practice sheet for the 2nd hour students to work on in order to help prepare for Tuesday’s test on Systems of Equations.

1/2 Day! Hours 1-3 Only!

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October 2

Week of October 2:

Monday, October 2:

We got to spend the first part of class reviewing our new friend from Friday (solving systems by substitution) before meeting that friend’s sibling: Systems of Equations – Graphing. Students seemed to be alright with the ideas behind what we were doing, but many struggled when it came to actually graphing.

Those students who need to brush up on their linear graphing skills may want to check out this video.

Tuesday, October 3:

Today was all about continuing to practice our skills with solving those systems of equations by graphing them. We made our way through a wonderful Systems of Equations Graphing worksheet and then checked our answers together before the end of class.

Wednesday, October 4:

We spent a lot of time talking about bell work today, but afterward there was the first of our reviews for the quiz this week. We got to play a game where we split the class into two teams and had them compete against each other to solve systems of equations faster. The winning teams get some extra credit added to their quizzes on Friday!

Thursday, October 5:

Today was all about reviewing and preparing for our quiz tomorrow!

This time, we got a Solving Systems Quiz Review with 18 different review problems (including 4 challenge round questions) and the Answer Key was posted in the room. However, in a twist which irked a few students, Mr. Moylan and Mrs. Barbier abstained from answering questions, instead insisting that students use their notes and ask classmates if they were struggling with the material.

Friday, October 6:

Quiz Today!

After the quiz, Mr. Moylan had a discussion with the class about the outlook of the rest of the semester. We talked about current grades and what may have been responsible, as well as what positive approaches we can take in the coming weeks so that these issues do not continue.

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September 25

Week of September 25:

Monday, September 25:

Students passed in their two worksheets from Friday so that Mr. Moylan could give them credit for all of their hard work, and then got to work on the Families of Functions Unit Test Review if they hadn’t already started it on Friday.

We’ve got the rest of the hour today and then tomorrow to work on and figure out this review. By using their time wisely in class, students have plenty of time to check their notes, ask their classmates, and also ask the teachers to help them out on any questions they don’t fully understand for the test.

Tuesday, September 26:

Today is our last chance to work on the review in class and get support from classmates and teachers alike. This is our final opportunity to get any questions answered and confusions cleared up.

Students who completely finished their review packet had the opportunity to pick up an extra review sheet (so extra, that some might call it extra credit) to further sharpen their skills. Any who were so inclined and wanted to verify that they’d gotten the correct answers can check using the: Parent Function Review Key p1 p2

Wednesday, September 27:

Unit test today! Make sure that you’ve studied and are fully prepared for the test!

We spent the first 10 minutes of class reviewing and wrapping up bell work before launching into our test. Students then picked up the first page of this Systems of Equations Review and completed that after turning in their test.

Thursday, September 28:

Even though we were all missing Mrs. Barbier while she was out sick, we dutifully carried on and spent the hour working our way through some notes about Systems of Equations Using the Elimination Method. Students made short work of the notes while also asking some very meaningful questions about how to get down to that final answer.

Friday, September 29:

Today was meant to be a nice, easy slide into the weekend as the students worked with a partner against the other teams in a Solving Systems Competition Activity (sadly, those who were absent today do not get to compete, but must still complete the first side of the activity) after flying through the notes about solving systems using the Substitution Method.

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September 18

Week of September 18:

Monday, September 18:

Today, students got started on filling out a review packet regarding the six families of functions they’d talked about last year. They were supposed to fill out all of the blank spots with some help from Mr. Moylan and Mrs. Barbier during a Wall Walk.

Families Packet

Tuesday, September 19:

We spent today’s class going over the answers from yesterday’s wall walk, discussing why certain functions behave the way they do and double-checking that our answers were correct.

Families Packet Answer Key

Wednesday, September 20:

Students spent the hour working with a calculator and a partner to investigate our last three function families (the two exponentials and logarithms). They were then randomly called up to the board to fill in the answers for the class so that we could talk about them together.

Families Packet – Exponentials

Thursday, September 21:

Today’s class introduced our last new information before next Wednesday’s Test: Transformations of Functions. We kept things simple, only looking at translations (moving up/down/left/right) and reflections (flipping the graph over a line).

Friday, September 22:

In order to continue building on our discussions from yesterday, students spent the hour working on two assignments. The assignments built on the skills of graphing new transformations, describing what transformations were occurring in an equation, and then matching a description to the proper equation.

Graphing Transformations

Describing Transformations

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