September 18

Week of September 18:

Monday, September 18:

Today, students got started on filling out a review packet regarding the six families of functions they’d talked about last year. They were supposed to fill out all of the blank spots with some help from Mr. Moylan and Mrs. Barbier during a Wall Walk.

Families Packet

Tuesday, September 19:

We spent today’s class going over the answers from yesterday’s wall walk, discussing why certain functions behave the way they do and double-checking that our answers were correct.

Families Packet Answer Key

Wednesday, September 20:

Students spent the hour working with a calculator and a partner to investigate our last three function families (the two exponentials and logarithms). They were then randomly called up to the board to fill in the answers for the class so that we could talk about them together.

Families Packet – Exponentials

Thursday, September 21:

Today’s class introduced our last new information before next Wednesday’s Test: Transformations of Functions. We kept things simple, only looking at translations (moving up/down/left/right) and reflections (flipping the graph over a line).

Friday, September 22:

In order to continue building on our discussions from yesterday, students spent the hour working on two assignments. The assignments built on the skills of graphing new transformations, describing what transformations were occurring in an equation, and then matching a description to the proper equation.

Graphing Transformations

Describing Transformations

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September 11

Week of September 11:

Monday, September 11:

To kick off our first full week of school, students got to pick a group of classmates and work together to create a poster about one of our important key words from last week. The best poster for each of the terms will be on display for the rest of the unit on our Word Wall.

Tuesday, September 12:

After spending a bit of time going over our shiny new planners, students got to get their hands dirty with two new key concepts: End Behavior and Asymptotes. We made our way through the notes and started working with some different examples.

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble with Asymptotes (they’re one of the trickiest things to happen to a graph), we’re going to be seeing exactly how they work when we finally make it to Exponential and Logarithmic functions later on this unit.

Wednesday, September 13:

Today is all about figuring out intercepts of our graphs and whether or not they have an axis of symmetry and then seeing what that looks like in a few different examples.

Symmetry and Intercepts Sheet – Students needed to have the front side done by the time class begins on Thursday.

Thursday, September 14:

Today was all about reviewing and getting ready for tomorrow’s quiz. We started off by going over the homework from yesterday, and then talking about the back side of that sheet.

Right after that, students got their hands on the Quiz Review p1 p2

Students can check their answers with the Key p1 p2.

Friday, September 15:


We started off class with reviewing our work from yesterday, checking our answers and asking any questions we had.

After the review, we jumped into our quiz and knocked it out of the park.

Once they were done with their quiz, students picked up a Factoring Review to work on for the rest of the hour.


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September 5

Week of September 4:

Monday, September 4:


Tuesday, September 5:

First Day of School! Half Day with shortened schedule!

Today we started off class nice and easy, finding our assigned seats and then beginning to look through our syllabus for the year.

Wednesday, September 6:

Today we finished going over our syllabus and talked about getting it signed by a parent/guardian at home. Then we did an ice-breaking activity where we got to know a little bit about our classmates.

Thursday, September 7:

Today is when the math begins. We started off with a quick review of the different important definitions for families of functions we already saw in class last year.

Families of Functions – Definitions Day 1 – Completed Notes

Friday, September 8:

We’re continuing our review of families of functions today, still talking about their domains, ranges, and the whole wide range of fun behaviors they exhibit for us.

Families of Functions – Definitions Day 2

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